Aurora Series: "Rosina Ferrara" feat. Oliva S.


Aurora Series: "Rosina Ferrara" feat. Oliva S.

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Title: Rosina Ferrara

Artist: John Singer Sargent

Created: Italy 1878

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Rosina Ferrara was an Italian girl from the small island of Capri whose “exotic” look became an instant muse for American painter John Singer Sargent. During Sargent’s career he created 900 oil paintings and roughly 2,000 watercolour paintings. In much of the 19th century, artists, musicians, and writers were drawn to Capri due to its breathtaking beauty, friendly locals and rustic ambiance. Rosina was first discovered by French painter Edward Vaux who was enticed by her nutty brown complexion, frizzy chestnut hair, and sweet composition. Vaux later introduced Ferrara to Englishman Frank Hyde who exclusive possession was soon swept away by Sargent. After much contemplation on leaving the unfamiliar humid air, pesky mosquitos and longing to be back with his friends, Hyde offered Sargent a place to stay. In Hyde’s studio, an abandoned monastery, there an artist met his muse. Rosina went on to model in quite a few of Sargent’s paintings, as well as many other artists. In 1881 Rosina married American muralist George Randolph Barse and gave birth to a girl in 1883. After a battle with pneumonia, Rosina died in 1934. Never being able to fully recover from his mourning, George Barse took his own life three year later

Aurora showcases the never-ending, always-changing power of art and its ability to influence generations across time. The portraits in Aurora, by local photographers Ike and Tash, feature 19 young people from all over the South Sound. These portraits highlight youth as the subjects of remixed and reimagined versions of well-known works of art. The show empowers youth to see themselves in new ways and inspires young people to connect with works of art from other times and places.

Awakening. Genesis. Creation.

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