Aurora Series: "Mimicry" feat. Sofia R.

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Aurora Series: "Mimicry" feat. Sofia R.

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Title: Mimicry

Artist: Juuri “Julie” Robertson

Created: United States of America 2013

Location: Western Avenue Association, Oklahoma, USA


Juuri “Julie” Robertson was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1983. When she was six years old she moved to the United states. Since a young child, Juuri knew she would grow up to become an artist. Jurri has murals all over the United States as well as overseas in Israel. She has sold hundreds of paintings and is continuing to make art that reminds others of her comforting past and the future that awaits her.

This piece is based off a Japanese Folklore about a Bakeneko (Monster Cat) known by the name of Nekomata. According to the Folklore, a cat that lives past the age of 10, weighs more than one Kan (approximately 8.267 pounds), and has a long tail, can become a Bakeneko. The Bakeneko has a forked tail or 2 tails. The Monster Cat has the ability to shape shift into a human. The Bakeneko is said to sometimes kill or torment their masters in order to shape shift into their form. There are also good stories about the Monster Cat, like one that tells the tale of Nekomata. Nekomata is said to have taken the form of a beautiful women for the owner to marry and have children with. Hence the title “Mimicry” meaning the action or art of imitating someone or something.

Aurora showcases the never-ending, always-changing power of art and its ability to influence generations across time. The portraits in Aurora, by local photographers Ike and Tash, feature 19 young people from all over the South Sound. These portraits highlight youth as the subjects of remixed and reimagined versions of well-known works of art. The show empowers youth to see themselves in new ways and inspires young people to connect with works of art from other times and places.

Awakening. Genesis. Creation.

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