Aurora Series: "Mujer en Oracion (Women In Prayer)" feat. Jamie J.

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Aurora Series: "Mujer en Oracion (Women In Prayer)" feat. Jamie J.

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Title: Mujer en Oracion (Women in Prayer)

Artist: Julio Romero de Torres

Created: Spain 1920

Location: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de san Fernando, Madrid, Spain


De Mujer en Oración translates to “a woman in prayer” painted by Spanish Painter Julio Romero de Torres. Julio learned about art from his father who was the director, curator and founder of Córdoba Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes and an impressionist painter. He took an interest in art at a young age and started studying at the School of Fine Arts at ten. Much of his inspiration came from Madrid and Córdoba where he spent most of his life. He traveled all of Europe to study art where he picked up a symbolist style in his work. Today the Museum of Julio Romero de Torres pays tribute to his legacy at his former residence in Córdoba featuring many of his worksAurora showcases the never-ending, always-changing power of art and its ability to influence generations across time. The portraits in Aurora, by local photographers Ike and Tash, feature 19 young people from all over the South Sound. These portraits highlight youth as the subjects of remixed and reimagined versions of well-known works of art. The show empowers youth to see themselves in new ways and inspires young people to connect with works of art from other times and places.

Awakening. Genesis. Creation.

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