Aurora Series: "Mimicry II" feat. Jordyn W.


Aurora Series: "Mimicry II" feat. Jordyn W.

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Title: Mimicry II

Artist: Sandra Naranjo

Created: United States of America

Location: Not on Display


Painting is a form of human expression, it’s elusive as the use of colors shapes and the surface used adds a new dimension. With this the opportunity to recreate this beautiful piece of artwork, I was able to learn and understand Naranjo’s artistic abilities, mindset, and inspiration. Naranjo created this piece of art to represent a piece of her culture. Sandra Naranjo was born in Matanzas, Cuba. During that time, she began her artistic studies, which then continued in Havana, Cuba, at the Superior Art Institute. The general theme of her work is art, maturity and the existential social and universal conflicts. All of her work is a representation of her personal experiences and the reality of Cuba. In a numerous way, often using repetition, which goes hand in hand with the painting name, Mimicry. In the portrait I re-enacted, Naranjo used mechanical gears throughout the entire portrait. Furthering my research, I learned that her father in law was a hard-working mechanic. Naranjo stated, “In Cuba, this is a hard job, marked by tenacity, tiredness and subsistence. The gears mechanics are a visual appeal and symbolic legacy, a way of seeing and understanding the reality, a metaphor that goes from resistance and defense, until continuity and acceptance.

Aurora showcases the never-ending, always-changing power of art and its ability to influence generations across time. The portraits in Aurora, by local photographers Ike and Tash, feature 19 young people from all over the South Sound. These portraits highlight youth as the subjects of remixed and reimagined versions of well-known works of art. The show empowers youth to see themselves in new ways and inspires young people to connect with works of art from other times and places.

Awakening. Genesis. Creation.

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