Aurora Series: "Woman" feat. Lorna S.


Aurora Series: "Woman" feat. Lorna S.

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Title: Woman

Artist: Jalmari Ruokokoski

Created: Finland 1914

Location: Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland

Jalmari Ruokokoski married 3 times over the course of his lifetime, many of the marriages ended due to the fact that Ruokokoski loved to drink and live a party lifestyle with various other artists in Denmark. Ruokokoski attended school and majored in art and traveled to many different countries to explore different aspects of art. He focused his pieces of art on paintings that reflected how he portrayed himself, however around 1910-1915 he painted dozens of portraits of women, using vivid colors and abstract ideas. Woman is a painting comprising of mostly dark and deep colors with subtle undertones. This woman expresses deep sorrow and sadness as she looks of into the distance of the portrait. After looking at this piece for a long time and understanding Ruokokoski background, it’s lead me to believe that the portrait is a representation of one of Ruokokoski wives. All of his marriages ended in divorce due to his alcoholism, which leads me to conclude that all of his wives may have experienced great pain and sorrow which can be seen in this portrait of the mysterious woman.

Aurora showcases the never-ending, always-changing power of art and its ability to influence generations across time. The portraits in Aurora, by local photographers Ike and Tash, feature 19 young people from all over the South Sound. These portraits highlight youth as the subjects of remixed and reimagined versions of well-known works of art. The show empowers youth to see themselves in new ways and inspires young people to connect with works of art from other times and places.

Awakening. Genesis. Creation.

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