Wisdom's Time Capsule 1st Birthday Party {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

I can't even begin to explain how odd it is that we have a one year old.  I feel like it was last week that I was heading to my midwife to meet my precious girl and now she's a toddler.  I can say for sure it has been one of the most challenging, rewarding, joyful and incredible years for me as a woman to fully come into what it means to be a mother.  To have your heart on the outside of your body.  To worry, to love, to cherish to understand the Father's love for us through parenthood.  Wisdom has indeed blessed our lives and I am continually in awe of her, who she is, her personality, her cheerful spirit and the way she captivates, not only my heart, but the heart of so many.  She has truly blessed our lives and its feels like such a priviledge to watch her grow....  and to grow alongside her. Naturally, I couldn't miss a opportunity to have a event to celebrate my girl, but with so much happening it life, it seemed the days continued to pass and I had nothing.  I struggled with the purpose behind a first birthday. I let people talk me out of it, talk me into it, challenge me.  We thought about a bounce house party, a petting zoo, doing nothing at all, but I knew that I had to do something because THIS GIRL..... this girl deserves the world and if I can give it to her, I always will!  I know that Wisdom will likely NEVER remember her first birthday, but I wanted to do something that would make it memorable.  Come up with some theme that would allow us to freeze time and that's when I thought about a time capsule.

We gave Wisdom a time capsule party.  We sent out a invite well in advance, letting people know that Wisdom would have a time capsule and that we wanted them to bring a special trinket, or note, or gift that she might appreciate to chronicle this special time in her life.  We would then give Wisdom this time capsule in 2028 on her 16th birthday.  Guest brought gifts that were really touching, some we saw and some wrapped tightly with "Happy Sweet 16th Wisdom" on the card, or envelope or packaging.  Wisdom recieved so many precious and beautiful time capsule gifts, her first charm bracelet, a thumb drive with a hit song from Taylor Swift, a amethyst rock. Guest were also encouraged to make predictions about Wisdom on different pieces of paper,  what she would look like, who she would act like, what her interest would be.  They also got to guess on the price of gas, the cost of a stamp, and whether Facebook would still be the IT place to be in 2028.  Such a special day for my girl.... that she will likely never remember, but will get to enjoy in 15 years, as she reflects on her purpose and our love for her in every detail.

The menu included some of Wisdom's favorite foods: grilled cheese skewers and tomato soup for dipping, blueberries on a stick, veggies in ranch cups, corn dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mini meatball burgers for easy grabbing for little people, just to name a few.  The dessert table included a beautiful ombre two tier vanilla and raspberry cake, with a sparkly fondant "1" on top with a variety of fun sweets, including Smore Bites, Brown Cow mix: white chocolate pretzels, marshmellows and kettle corn, donuts, and a variety of other sweet treats.

Guest were given two gifts: there very own time capsule and animal crackers in mason jars!

Because Wisdom's party was about the future, we used pictures to tell the story of her past - and used 250+ pictures to decorate the entire party!  It was so fun to see how far she has grown and come in the the last year!

Special thanks to my sister, Melinda Watts for her creative genuis and hard work.  Planning this party with her was so special and meant so much!  This is our fifth event together and I am always excited with the outcome, this party was no different.  Also shout out to Mr. Haynes and Aaron and Elijah for being our moving crew & E'lana, Mark, Anika, Manny & Tara for all of your help the day of the party!  You blessed us so much.

I look forward to the day that Wisdom turns 16 and we get to share how special she was "even then."  God is so good!   Proverbs 3:15

Party Planning & Decor: Shower Me Chic

Cake: Cakes by Jacqui

Wisdom's Dress: Blu Pony Vintage

Everything else: DIY


Brooke & Nick, Urban Xchange Tacoma {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}

Meet my friend Brooke.  She's a incredible stylist and the amazing talent behind our street team shoot.  She and her husband are the NEW owners of Urban Xchange in downtown Tacoma.  This excites me for a lot of reasons.  Brooke is one of the sweetest people I know and her eye for style is uncanny and Urban Xchange is full of amazing pieces, so you mix a really brilliant designer with a incredible store and you get a collision of amazing fashion. Brooke and Nick are working diligently to bring Urban Xchange a NEW feel, NEW flavor for our little community here in Tacoma.  You should go down and support them, purchase a few pieces for your wardrobe or take some to sell!

The address is:  1932 Pacific Ave

You can check out the site here.

or follow them on Facebook here or Instagram here - I promise you will love them as much as we do & if you are a 2014 senior: NEW this year, in our Premium package, styling from Brooke -----> the thought of that makes me want to explode!!

Lyric's Fancy 5th Birthday Party {Sacramento Portrait Photographer, Sacramento, CA}

I am willing to bet that there is probably very little in life that is cooler than turning five.  At least, after looking through these pictures of this sweet birthday party, that's the story I am sticking with. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of this special little girl's fifth birthday and I loved every single minute.  She is so special to me and makes me so excited about having a little girl to enjoy and to dress up and party plan with.

This 5th birthday was unique because this little girl's mother is not only one of my best friends, but also a EXTREMELY talented event planning & design hobbyist!  Remember my epic baby shower??  Yeah, she was behind that AMAZINGNESS too!

Lyric's party was drenched in details. Everything fancy for the sweet princess she is, complete with little miniture snack size portions of her favorite treats: macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers, fruit kabobs, mini hot dogs and more, a cupcake making bar, a morning at the spa complete with mani & pedi's, as well as two photoshoots: one to showcase turning the BIG "5" and one to celebrate with friends.   Every single detail was thought out and planned with great care.   One of Lyric's favorite story book characters is a young girl named Nancy from the "Fancy Nancy" children's book series.  In the series Nancy plays dress up and does very fancy things, Lyric's mom pulled elements of Nancy into her Parisian birthday bedroom inspired party.

Needless to say, it was not only a honor to photograph this little girl but to be a part of supporting her mom in the planning of her special day.  The party ended as it should with a pinata of candy and a fun arts and craft project.  Since all of the attendees were or had just turned five years old, they used the opportunity to chronicle the special time in their life by creating golden handprints on canvas!

Such a blessing to have creative parents!  I look so forward to watching Lyric grow through this year!

If you are looking to do something special for your little love or wanting to throw a epic event/shower or party and need a boost, help or some ideas - I have the perfect person in mind!  Shoot over a email to info@ikeandtash.com and I will connect you!   You will not regret it - not a single event will be planned without this talent's help!



Stylized Session: Candyland Wedding (Pursuit 31) {Tacoma Wedding Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

I have the joy of being a part of a beautiful photography community called Pursuit 31, a Christian community full of woman who like me are in LOVE with pictures and anything surround the creative process really.  The last couple of years I have had the complete honor of leading a group of Seattle ladies both in online forum as well as in person and a couple of years ago (I know, I know... I have been meaning to blog this for a while now) I called up Karen, creator and founder  of Pursuit 31 & suggested a Seattle retreat & the crazy idea of a wedding based around the children's board game "Candyland." I am ALL for the vintage wedding trend that has OVERTAKEN today's wedding industry BUT I am in love with BOLD bright colors.  As a child, the game "Candyland" always was my favorite because of the mysterious stops along the board, Candy Castle, Gingerbread Plum Trees, Molasses Swamp, the Peppermint Forest.... and all of the really amazingly delicious iconic stops along the board.  It was my favorite game, and I couldn't get enough of it.  Daydreaming of bring it to life as a stylized wedding was truely a dream come true and WE LOVED the outcome.  Brides, if you want to have a really amazing wedding and wow your guests, take a look at some of the fantastic details below!

Bride & Bridesmaid Dresses~ Ouma 

Floral Design ~ Paisley Petals

Cupcakes ~ Sweet Melody’s

Model Styling ~ Rok Kandi

Hair ~ Lockes on Location

Makeup ~ Anna Groves

Tables, Chairs, Place Settings ~ AA Party Rentals

Linens & Lounge Furniture ~ Trendy Event Rentals

Umbrellas ~ Bella Umbrella

Picture Frames ~ The Organic Bloom

Fabulous Catering for Style Team, Models & Attendees ~ Joeseppis Catering

We also couldn’t have done it without these fabulous people!

Thanks to : April Greer, Dawnet Davis, Isaiah Haynes for helping make this day such a success!

More HUGE thank you’s to our FABULOUS models for braving the cold and rocking out these photos for us!

Models: Latasha, Donovan, Aubreeana, Danielle, Joe, Prince

These AMAZING companies deserve HUGE thanks!

Black River Imaging

ThinkTANK photo 

The Organic Bloom 

Pixel 2 Canvas 

Showit Fast

Black Rapid 

MadiLu Designs