Senior Picture Photographer

Emma, a Class of 2018 Covenant High School Senior, Tacoma Senior Photographer, Tacoma, WA

Emma, gorgeous Emma!   

What a joy it was to get to know her. 

Emma is a Running Start student, which means she is attending high school and working toward her AA degree, while also finishing up high school, as a kick start to college.   She aspires to be a esthetician and is on track to have her full license by her 18th birthday!  How is that for knowing what you want and going after it?!

She is also a retired state swimmer, who has a strong love for cats, of which two that she owns, she loves the most.   She is a hard worker, determined, passionate and works not one, but two jobs, one as a Lifeguard and one at everyone's favorite ice cream spot, Dairy Queen. 

If she had $500 to blow at any store, she would be on her way to Pac Sun. 

We had so much fun getting to know Emma, and darting around Tacoma, getting her to sneak smiles in between pictures!

Emma, thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase your senior year!

Meet Mackenzie - Class of 2018 Sumner High School Senior, Tacoma, WA

Meet Mackenzie, a 2018 Sumner High School senior and our very first senior of 2018!

Mackenzie is a doll and the little sister of a former Ike and Tash senior!  We were so thrilled and honored when she called and so super excited to open our senior season with her session.

A cheerleader, Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador,  ASB Coordinator and a member of the National Honor's Society, Mackenzie has brains and beauty!  She literally has it ALL.

Three words to describe this energetic senior are edgy, fun and classic.   Currently playing on her ipod are the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Luke Bryan and The Weekend.

Mackenzie hopes to double major in Law and Psychology or Business and Psychology, once away at college and in her spare time she LOVES to travel!

Mackenzie, you are such a doll.  So kind and beautiful.  We had so much fun getting to know you better while the golden sun hit our faces.  Thank you for dancing through the streets of Tacoma with us and we are so excited to watch your senior year unfold!

Winter Break: Gold Creek Pond, Snoqualmie, WA

Ended 2016 right with these cuties!

For no reason at all, except to connect and spend time together - we planned a Christmas break trip to Leavenworth.  After weeks of planning and connecting on ideas and concepts for a fun day east, we woke up to every road leading to our destination, blocked and no real plan B.

Instead of cancelling, instead of freaking out, we paused, connected as a group, came up with a plan and started again.

We headed out to breakfast, got on the road and drove east until we found some snow and once we got there - magic happened.

So many unexpected things happened on our leisurely road trip to the snow that we didn't plan for, but these girls taught me so much about their ability to trust a plan they aren't clued in on, how to take it in stride and to live in the moment.

That last road trip of 2016 taught me my biggest lessons of the year.

1.  Things don't always go as planned and sometimes that is the sweetest thing ever.   Unexpected changes challenge us to think differently about our circumstances and in some cases forces us to perform better than we would have if the plan had worked.

2.  The moment is all that really matters.   Although these girls were excited about our original destination, it wouldn't have mattered if we stayed in the backyard.  They just wanted to be together and be present with one another.  Sometimes pomp and circumstance isn't the point, but simply being together is the reward. 

3. Relax.  The latter part of the year, unfortunately, shingles brought me down.  It was the most painful 3 weeks I have experienced in a long time.  Had I relaxed a little more, I would have likely not experienced the pain that comes with stress -- but while relaxing to heal, the best ideas came to mind - like how to trouble shoot this trip that went south when the roads were closed.  When we are relaxed, we are clear minded and problems don't feel like the mountains that they can appear to be when we are stressed.

We froze.  Our makeup ran. We laughed.  We couldn't feel our limbs by the end of the day.  I fell down 27k times, but we had the best of times and this will be a trip that the girls, Ike and I will always remember and smile sweetly about!

Happy New Year!  May 2017 be full of redirected plans that make the best memories!

P.S.  and shout out to these cuties who will walk across their high school stages in 6 short months!  Senior year is so sweet!  What a time to be alive!

Meet Victoria. A Class of 2017 Christian Faith Schools Senior {Federal Way Senior Portrait Photographer, Federal Way Senior Picture Photographer, Federal Way, WA}

Can we talk about how beautiful this girl is?? 

Like can't you see the joy of life just pouring out from all over her?

We absolutely LOVED photographing Victoria!  She legitimately full of life and zeal and such an absolute blessing to be around. 

We laughed through every session and talked about all the things that are important to her; which happen to include her faith, her family and her best friend: her three year old brother who she says makes her the happiest! 

2016-08-03_0001 copy.jpg

We absolutely LOVED photographing Victoria!  She legitimately full of life and zeal and such an absolute blessing to be around. 

Not only is Victoria incredibly beautiful, with an impeccable sense of fashion, she is also strong and lifts on a regular basis. 

Fun fact, she only likes to legs!  Like who chooses to do legs??!!  Not I. 

Victoria!  Thank you for the joy of being the ones to capture your senior photos!  It was such a joy and you are such a beautiful girl!  We are looking forward to following you this year!

We are still booking summer senior session, to get connected, send and email to

Taylor + Anissa: Rogers High School Seniors (and family)

I fall in love so easily.  It literally takes NOTHING to be my friend because I so love people.  That's why my blogs are always the same, the same message.  "I had so much fun..." + "I love my (insert family/seniors/brides) or whatever it is I'm shooting that day.  "We have so much fun..."  I say these things because they are ALL TRUE.  I get the best families, which in turns means the best seniors, which will hopefully lead to the best brides and grooms. The Walston's were no different. This post is kinda different because it was a senior session, but we threw in some couple pictures (Taylor + Anissa have been together for 3 years and have a really sweet relationship), a few family pictures (Dawn, Taylor's mom informed me they hadn't had full family picture since Taylor was 1 years old, today he is 17- it broke my heart and we definitely needed to change that) and because Anissa is so pretty... I couldn't resist throwing in a few senior pictures her.   Anissa, however may get her own post in the future because she really needs her own SHINE and this post is mostly about Taylor and his family.

I loved hanging with this family because I could tell they were all wrapped up in one another.  They truly love eachother and Taylor has been a huge proud moment for his parents.  He is smart and kind, an athlete who plays soccer for his high school team, totally committed to his two loves, the soccer ball and his girlfriend, Anissa.  Every time I would set up a shot of Taylor, he would look so grown and mature and mom, so sweet, would lose it in tears.  It made me happy because I knew we were creating memories, not just the picture, but the moment.  Mom was seeing her sweet baby, the last of her children grow up right before her eyes.  Mom would cry, Taylor would laugh... I would hug mom and laugh with Taylor, it was a awesome day!  SO special.

Taylor is heading off to Western Washington University in the fall... I know his parent's couldnt be more proud and I couldnt be more excited for him!

Congrats Taylor and Anissa!  SO excited to see where life takes you!!