3 Mobile Monday's in 1 post: 3 is perfection for a reason

I am embarrassed that its taken me three weeks to get a Mobile Monday post up.  But the reality is that its been a crazy three weeks.  This is our first official wedding season with a full time photographer and season senior is heating up, all things we prayed and hoped for BUT never anticipated actually happening.  At any rate, needless to say we are busy.  Busier then we've ever been.  Busier than when I worked for "the man" but loving every second of it.  So along the way some things get dropped, and unfortunately this Monday timeline doesn't always make the cut.  However, I am grateful to those of you who take the time to read this and who enjoy our quirky adventures... thanks for continuing to come back!

earlier in the month, I got to assist at a wedding.  It was so much fun.  I love assisting because it takes so much of the pressure off.  You want to do well for your first shooter, but it allows you the opportunity to try and do and experiment with things that you often don't have time for when the pressure is one you.  At this particular wedding I got the opportunity to practice lighting and learned Kelvin Scale.. which means I never shoot AUTO White Balance and can always custom it for what I am needing to do on site.  May not seem like a big deal, but red, nasty skin tones are a thing of my past!  I was so excited to learn this and so thankful to my friend Taleisha for teaching me.  Above the actual Kelvin scale that explains light temperature and a picture straight out of camera with my lesson applied.

dont know if you heard the good news yet OR NOT but my great and dear friend Karen Stott of Karen Stott Photography is bringing her incredible Pusuit 31 Retreat to Seattle and I get the joy of co-hosting alongside her.  Pursuit 31, based around the Proverbs 31 woman is a photography workshop for the Christian woman who is looking for a little balance in her life.  Its  2 day event, the first covering business and workflow and the second a full on stylized shoot.  Because Im hosting I got to help contribute to the themes and ideas and I chose CANDYLAND! Above the inspiration boards AND a few fun finds while Ike and I were on vacation celebrating our 4 year anniversary.

Below:  Isaiah and I spent our 4th anniversary weekend in Boise with one of my closest friends and brides, Annie.  She and her husband hosted us like royalty as we took a break from our life here in WA and escaped to the country.  We had such a blast hanging with Annie and Aaron and loved having the weekend off.  Below our trip in pictures.

Came home from Boise and hosted our first ever Mentorship session with Justin from Austin TX.  Justin was with us for just over 3 days learning about posing, lighting, composition and editing and has been booking sessions ever since he left!  He rocked it out while he was here and we are so thrilled to follow him on his adventures!  Check back soon to see and read about Justin's visit and mentorship.  ooooh and the workbook, so legit!  Justin pictured to the right in his own personal photo session.

Senior Sessions have begun and we are rock rock rocking.  One of the first of the year was inspired by Alice and Wonderland the move.  We set up a magical tea party at Pt. Defiance and had a blast!  It was our very first themed session and was soooo exciting.

AND the Tweet Toffee for our packaging came.  This is VERY exciting news.  Trust me especially if your a client.

we are gearing up for the Wedding Preview Event.  I will be blogging about that VERY soon too! :)  Its going to be spectacular!

last week was one of the biggest this little gingerbread house has seen.  Lots of music, lots of ladies, lots of laughter, lots of oreo cookies and one very sweet man who selflessly moved through it all.  My friend Melinda was in town hosting her DreamGirlz Gathering and stayed with us alongside 3 of her team members.  It was so much fun having all the ladies here, laughing, crying, encouraging and building eachother up. It was a JUMBO sleepover that led to the actual Pajama Jam for girls 8-18 last Friday night.  I was so encouraged and inspired- excited and happy to be a part.  It took me 6 days to deflate the air and 5 days to come down from the high of the event.  We stayed up nearly 35 hrs straight just being girls and it was SO much fun!  Throughout the week, I got the opportunity to show the ladies what makes Seattle so cool, which includes 1. LHP (they all got their own photo sessions 2.) Me  3.) Yellow Leaf Cupcakes 4.) the Space Needle 5.) everything else!  This place rocks!

To this day, I miss these girls terribly.  They took my week and shook up my world.  They taught me about grace, selflessness and just spending sweet time in the spirit.  On Monday we were strangers, today we are sisters and I am so thankful.

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time.


Mobile Monday: film is not dead, dirty 30 and new new new

Last week was so much fun.  My best friend of all friends turned from her 2's to her 3's and is now 30 years old.  As her best and younger friend, I felt it my duty to spoil her all week- so we hit our high school hang out "Jubilee Burgers" and had one of these bad boys. SO so so sooo good.  Then we ate Spicy bites and drank slurpees from 7-11.  I know totally out of control.  Our stomaches didn't handle it like we were still in high school.

Friday night I got some of her closest local friends, who ended up being ALL girls, and had a dessert night and we toasted to the turn from 29 to 30.  The night was so fun.  Full of wisdom, advice, laughter, lots of sweets and a few gunshots???!  yeah... I live in the hood.

and although I am not greek, I take pride in my friend's sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and tried to make sure all of her details reflected such.

Joined a co-op called "Bountiful Baskets," to get some really yummy fruits and veggies.  Every Mondays and Tuesdays- you can go to their site, pay $16.00 and get 1 weeks supply of fruits and veggies.  The following Saturday you go to the co-op location and pick up your order.  It is such a savings and such a cool project. I loved it!  My fruit is fresh and yummy and much cheaper than buying it in the stores.

Film is NOT dead.  Ask me how I know??!   My husband just bought his first Nikon F100, a film camera and $70 worth of film to experiment. It so exciting to watch him dive in.  He's so excited and curious and is following all of the new film greats: Jose Villa, Jennifer Tai (who is local) and Jonathan Canlas to name a few.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Oh and this week... I was super productive, got shellac'd and went thru all of my clothes and jewelry for Christian Faith Center's Women's Event: Bargain Boutique- Its going to be a blast and I can't wait to see what I come home with!

The best thing that happened last week: NEW BLOG + WEBSITE!!  Thanks to Sitehouse Designs, Showit, Jasmine Star for giving me 1 year subscription to Showit and Lindsay Giberson of LMGiberson photography for revising our blog to look like our new website!

We are so happy with the new look we are thrilled to blog, shoot, update etc!  We are finally grown ups!

Check out the new photomelatasha.com and tell us what ya think!

See you next week!

Mobile Monday- Its August!

Its August!! One of my favorite months of the year.  Traditionally it signifies kinda the end of summer, if you actually get one of those- I live in the NW and we barely do.  Why would I be excited about the end of summer, you ask??!  Duh because it FALL! I love fall. I love the changing of the trees, the harvest moon- the smell of the air- it gets me excited and I absolutely LOVE shooting in fall around these parts.  Its absolutely amazing.  Seriously, its overwhelming the color pallette and just really helps me understand and appreciate this part of the country better.

So August for me means my favorite season the year is on its way.

August is also the month my life changed, four years ago on the 17th I married this super cool guy I met on Myspace.  He lived on the east and I resided on the west.  Four years ago, we said I do and its been one wild ride.  I am so excited to celebrate with my honey and look forward to our 5 year old birthday next year.

Speaking of celebrating!!!  This week was so MUCH fun as I got to celebrate the birth of my dear friend Junko!  She has blessed my life so much and this birthday was one of those "landmark" birthdays!!  Yep, yep, she just turned 21- how'd you know!  She's the sweet chick in the middle below... the other girl, my best friend, celebrates her 30th birthday with her twin brother tomorrow.  I will be throwing her a birthday bash this Friday night and I couldn't be more excited.  Check out the picture next to it..... it was straight dance party USA up in there.

Isaiah and I also had the joy of shooting our 5th wedding this year.  We are just a little under half way thru our season with 6 more weddings to go this year!  This season has been a blast!  Our first true wedding season as full- time photographers we have had the most amazing couples and have really enjoyed getting to know them.  Check back for our most current work!

This week we ALSO trended on a Google search- which was awesome!!! I was pretty stoked!  Have you ever googled yourself??!  We did this week and we were TOTALLY surprise by where our images were hiding out- all good, no stolen, but still so cool!   Also, got to skype from a wedding with one of my best friends, Annie.  Love that girl A TON.  She was one of our 2011 brides and I just absolutely adore her!

hung out a bit in downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square and discovered these awesome tree socks from a rotating artist- not sure who but still pretty cool.

Planning a awesome retreat around the game Candyland

and finished and started my week at my favorite place on earth!

Mobile Monday

Its Mobile Monday... and its seems I write one blog post + I am right here working thru writing ANOTHER one....  on a Monday night, as late as possible.  Pretty much.... I am a mess!!!

this week brought tons of excitement, including a senior session w/a light blue slug bug- that broke my nail. Lame.  I just got these shellac'd and BOOM a broken nail.

and a another picnic with 3 fabolous girls!

and a bit of inspiration from the stranger

and a

AWESOME photo shoot with my pastor and 8 other amazing girls to prep for CELEBRATE 2011 at Christian Faith Center

a full house for Nathan Holritz teaching about the beauty of Adobe's Lightroom.... 100 reasons why Isaiah loves me and frozen yogurt from Gibson's new ice cream shop in Stadium District

a AWESOME wedding with an amazing bride + groom

a high end bridal shower hanging under the clouds + another round of Garrett's popcorn coming in 3-5 days- see you next time!

Mobile Monday: Garrett's Popcorn, wide open roads & Glacier National Park {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

Its a total 2-4-1 today because I am two weeks behind.  Last week I was just way too tired.  Do you ever get like that?  Where your so tired you just can't keep going?!  That was me.  Exhausted. Done. Finished. Not going down- so Monday came and passed without a care in the world from me- but I am back- and for my few faithful Monday followers- I am catching you up on two weeks of goodness.

Last weekend I had the chance to attend my first ever ITM awards.  ITM stands for "Inside the Music" and is a recognition show for local artists and talented here in the PNW.  LHP and my good friend Fahren, who is a singer, were nominated for BEST in their prospective catergories.  Both Fahren + LHP ended up taking home aways and it was SO cool to celebrate with my friend.   Do I really think we are the best photographerss in the PNW??!  Hardly, but we are humbled by all of the people who voted for us and the amazing competitors.  Its always nice to be recognized and we were so thankful to be a part of the show.

We finished that fun evening with a trip to the IMAX to watch Transformers 3- the midnight showing.  Transformers watched me as I slept thru more than half of the movie. FAIL.

if you follow us on Facebook- I am sure you read that we got locked out of our house last week, with camera gear and stool and about $20.  It was a fun 20 minutes as we walked around Tacoma looking somewhat lost with bags of gear and nowhere to go and let me just add, it was raining.  another major FAIL of the week.

ONE THING that isnt a fail??!  We are planning my 30th birthday + our 5 year wedding anniversary + we and a few friends are heading on a cruise next May!  We are so excited!!!!

in prep for a wedding that I had to shoot without my other half this week, we purchased a P + S so that I could capture video.  I love this Sony Cybershot!  Its 16 mp, captures 720 HD video and had amazing settings.  I joked about using this thing to take detail shots at weddings because its so phenomenal.  I am NO Isaiah Haynes, but I think I did a good job being a fusion photog.

before we left from Montana, two very special packages- 1.) a silly Canon 5DMII for my second shooter- the only time you will see a Canon order come thru this house + popcorn from Garrett's in Chicago. Even if you HATE popcorn, you will love this stuff.  Sadly, we got it Thursday and its gone today.  I barely got any of it- but I guess that's for the best!  Shout out to Borrowed Lenses for their amazing customer care and even better delivery times.  Our gear arrived RIGHT on time for the wedding!

In other news... I'm chewing for a cause.  Check the pic below!

1 rental car, 7 bags, 4 cameras, 7 lenses, 2 female photographers, 1 video camera point and shoot, 3 5-hour Energy's, 1 red bull, 55 mix CDs, 1100 miles, 7 stops for gas + bathrooms, 12 meals and 1 wedding later- we are back from our road trip to West Glacier National park to shoot the wedding of two amazing people!!

We met Lindsay of L.M. Giberson Photography and her SWEET daughter Claire during our pit stop  in Richland, WA

we ate the most amazing food at the most unique places.....

we literally watched for rattlesnakes... and deer and bears, while we spent 9 of our 20 hours of driving, in the dark, between the hours of 8p and 4a.

we got mood rings like 6th graders and made new friends, pictured above, Amanda from Ah! How Sweet Photography and we watched two people who LOVE eachother dearly become husband and wife!

It was an incredibly FULL four days with one of my most beautiful brides- you can check her out here, one of my favorite colleagues, you can check our her work here and one of my dearest friends.  Annie and I had a blast and can't wait for our next adventure together!