Aushanae, a 2016 Franklin Pierce High School Senior {Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

Meet Aushanae, a Class of 2016 Franklin Pierce HS senior!  She's killin it and we are so excited to be photographing her!

Aushanae is so easy to fall in love with! She is full of joy, which exudes from this second picture!

She said "I can't do serious" - she can, and she does it well, but we are in love with her smile!

We also  LOVE a girl who reps her city! ESPECIALLY if its Tacoma, because we LOVE this place!

Aushanae has so much hometown pride and we love that she included clothing from one of Tacoma's local shops!

Check her out reppin her city!

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and then naturally, after seeing Aushanae murder her session, Wisdom wanted in too.  So peep her mini session below!

Pay no mind to that fat lip.  Trials of being two years old.

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