Prince or Princess?! - { The Big Reveal} Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA

Its a GIRL!  A beautiful and amazing girl!!  When Prince and Katrina contacting me with news that they were pregnant & that they wanted to use US to help make the announcement, I was thrilled!  Having just had a baby GIRL of my own, sweet Wisdom, I know the joy of sharing the news and then finding out what to plan and prepare for!

This news is a double dose of joy as both Prince and Katrina's family are NOT only discovering the gender BUT also that they are pregnant, a secret they have been dying to share and tell!  Well the secret is out and we are thrilled to be the source!

Congrats Prince and Katrina!  We love you both and are wishing for a healthy bundle of joy and smooth sailing thru the rest of your pregnancy!


The Haynes