May, a 2013 Wilson HS Senior & LHP Street Team Member {Tacoma Senior Picture Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

Our session with May was all jokes and all laughter as she brought her older sister along for the session.  May, a 2013 Wilson HS Senior and Street Team Member is a blast to be around. Her personality is full of life and bubbles with energy. She loveeeeees to make people laugh and that was SO evident during our session with her.  We hung out the night of her session, right at sunset, in a apple orchard and close to water, where May feels the most free.

May is actively involved in Key Club, Tennis, Volleyball, Running Start and ASL at her school.  She considers herself to be carefree and outgoing!

I aboslutely adore May, her humor, her heart, her drive and her energy. I recognize her and connect with her and just enjoy interacting with her!

May, we are so excited to rock with you this year!

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