andddddd Baby Haynes is a..... {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}

What's a gender reveal without a story??!  I knew that if I ever got pregnant everything about that first baby would be a spectacle, epic, special.  I have waited 29 years and 363 days for this moment and its here.  FINALLY!  We are having a baby.  A sweet sweet baby!  We are so excited to share this moment with you and it had to be special, so we headed out with our dear friend, Chelle, who has become our "family" photographer over the last couple of months!  She did a wonderful job helping us tell the story of this special moment in our life!!!  Check out the storyboards to find out the gender.

We are so excited to announce that we will be bring home a BEAUTIFUL baby girl this fall, named Wisdom.

Wisdom has already brought so much joy into our lives.

We absolutely love her and can't wait to see the kind of person she's going to be.

Wisdom Melan Adore.

We are thrilled and couldn't be happier!