Megan: a 2012 Wilson High School Senior {Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}

Sweet sweet Megan.  So quirky so fun.  She had two commands, maybe three.  No posing.  Beautiful light and a few pictures with her 1970's Beetle.  I said yes and we met up at Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, WA to make it happen.  No posing, so I chased her with my camera.  Perfect light, so I called in a few favors from God and a pretty freakin dope Slug bug provided by her. She is so cute.  So fun.  These pictures show her personality to a BIG T.  She is the reason why photographing seniors makes my heart thump fast.  Below, a few pictures of the spectacular Megan.

SIDEBAR: Its not too late to book your senior session!  If you want to look good like Megan, hit us up at <latasha at photomelatasha dot com> for info or check out our REALLY cool website:  We will be waiting for your call!