Willie-Class of 2012, Mt. Rainier High School {Senior Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

and meet the first fella of the 2012 LHP Street Team, Willie!

Isaiah and I really enjoy Willie and his cool ways.  Doesn't he seem cool?  Just chill.  He's quiet, but funny and we had such a blast running around the streets of his favorite city, Seattle.  We wanted to highlight all of the things we love about Willie and why we chose him.  He is even-tempered, strong and a quiet leader and patient, he is really really patient.  As we ran around the streets of Seattle, chasing the light and bickering just a tad- Willie remained cool, snickering and enjoying the show!

So glad to have Willie on our team!

You can hit up any members of our street team for discounts for your or someone you LOVE's senior session!