the Garcia's!

Do you remember your first?  The first time someone took a risk, but on you.  The first time you had the opportunity to show what you were made of?  BJ + Katherine were ours.  They were the first people to experience LHP.  The first people to give us a chance, our very first wedding clients. BJ and Katherine were an amazing bride and groom who took a chance on us and started us in the wedding industry.  March 2010 they were married and as a thank you for the opportunity we wanted to reunite for a complimentary family session close to their anniversary.

We met the Garcia's at Chambers Bay on a unusually warm day in April, high sun and limited shade- we made due and rocked it out.  BJ and Katherine are also photographers so its double exciting to have the opportunity to capture their family.  You can check their work out here:

BJ and Kathy thank you for your faith in us, back then and your continued friendship! Sorry about all the shadows- but you know about that high sun??!  LOL