LHP goes to prom... sorta, kinda?!

What a joy to be a part of the lives of our clients.  Today we got the opportunity to watch some of our LHP seniors graduate from Christian Faith Schools and this evening we got to help send off one our seniors to prom!  There is nothing like having a "client" get excited to see you, want you to participate in their life and for the feeling to be completely mutual.  Isaiah + I absolutely love Aubree and her family and jumped at the opportunity to be the ones to take pictures of her, her date and her friends as they headed off to prom!  Aubree graduates next weekend and we are making plans to be there to support her. What a blessing to love what you do and the people you do it with!

Thank you so much for having us there to be a part of such a HUGE milestone of your high school experience!  Much love to you sweet girl!

Shout out on Aubree's hair goes to: Kristal Locke and Makeup by Aubree ( nice job sis! Go girl Go!)