Leyla: a college grad

I keep asking myself how we get these GORGEOUS girls??! Its unreal, but I love it!  Leyla is NO different.  Stunning, right??!  I know.  She reminded me of someone the whole shoot and I could NOT figure it out until the end.  Can you guess??  My guess: Salma Hayek! Leyla was absolutely the sweetest and kindest thing.  Soft spoken, our shoot got off to a rocky start because of the rain and the hub bub of life, but Leyla was absolutely graceful and beautiful and kind.  We've been Facebook friends for a year and I was so excited when she finally decided to book with us.

Leyla is a graduating senior of a different kind, finishing her two year degree and wanting to capture it with pictures!  I loved spending the morning with her and am so proud!

Congratulations Leyla on your graduation!  Many blessings!