its Mobile Monday!!! Sunshine, morning walks & blossoms

Its Monday Monday and Monday is a fun day but it becomes EVEN funner when the sun is shining bright..... today's pictures are a recap from today and a fabolous morning walk that Isaiah and I had.  I just recently purchased a new app called "Sleep Cycle."  The last two days I have been waking up in my lighting period of sleep so I always feel rested its AMAZING.  My friend, Tasha, introduced the app to me- so the reward... more work done & beautiful walks like this mornings.

The daffodils are blooming which is always a nice sight to see

Tacoma hosts so many gems... walking this early in the morning with the eery golden light really helps me see things differently

There is nothing like exploring the world with the love of your life

awesome Monday morning walk followed by sharing a plate of food... priceless!  Enjoy these sunny days- do something different, stretch yourself!