Sandi: A few headshots

Sandi came to us because she needed a few new head shots to go with her marketing materials and update her online presence. I remember our phone conversation where she stated that people were stealing images from her Facebook page to use since she had put off taking pictures for so long.  I don't know that LHP has ever seen someone so hesitant to get in front of a camera because Sandi insisted over and over that she hated getting her picture taken and wasn't photogenic.  With makeup by Anna Groves Sandi was set and we went out to shoot.  Once we got on location Sandi owned her shoot and below a few optics (OPTICS: check TD Jakes new movie "Jumping the Broom" out May 6th for the reference) from our time together. SN: Sandi is totally beautiful and soooo totally photogenic, don't you think?  I am happy to report that we are planning a end of summer session, how is that for a customer review??!

Happy Friday!