Davida + her family

This was such  a special shoot + a special day because we were celebrating many things, but among them Davida's birthday.  Davida is a person of such strength and character and although I only spent a short time with her and her two very sweet kids--I was especially impressed with her patience and kind heart.  Her children love and adore her and its not hard to see why.  Davida and I planned her photo shoot in a little less than a week; a shoot that she was looking so forward to, but of course, in the natural spirit of the Northwest it rained and not NORMAL rain, but rain accompanied with wind.  Nevertheless, Davida wanted to move forward with shooting + I am always up for a challenge!  We headed down to Tacoma's waterfront and although windy and less than comfortable-this dock called my name.  We had such a fun time playing on the dock and spent the second half of the shoot hanging under some trees a little further down.  Below are a few images from our time on the dock!  Happy Birthday Davida!  It was a pleasure!