Headshots: Beautiful Lele

Its always so fun to come across young people that I have worked with over the course of my short career in youth services.  I have been lucky enough to be a part of three really unique non-profits and serve and work with some wonderful young people over the years. One particular I met at my first professional job after college.  Her name is Le'Ajhanique: Lele for short and I met her when she was in elementary school.  It was so cool when she found me on Facebook and asked me to take her picture.

I was so excited to see that Lele had grown into such a beautiful young woman, both wise and caring and thoughtful.  She is always thinking of others, including me.... every once in a while I get the sweetest text of her blessing both me and Ike and wishing us the best.

She loves  and values her family and really wants to get into the fashion world as a model.  We spent 30 minute together on a Saturday afternoon filled with both rain and wind; but Lele rocked it out and she's so beautiful!

Lele, thanks for choosing us for the first of what I know will be many amazing photo sessions in your future!

Below a few snippets from our session.