WithoutDoubt Weddings: Charis {Tacoma WA Portrait Photographer}

I met Charis on a early November Day to work on some head shots + pictures for her new website "Without Doubt Weddings" www.withoutdoubtweddings.com. WithoutDoubt, Charis says is "absolutely, beyond any doubt, categorically, clearly, decidedly, doubtless, doubtlessly, easily, explicitly, expressly, far and away, finally, indubitably, no ifs ands or buts about it, obviously, plainly, positively, specifically, sure'........... + I'm positive she can deliver at ANYTHING she sets her mind to.

Charis is full of personality and fun. We met early one Friday morning and walked downtown Tacoma talking about life and our goals and our hopes for the future. We both admitted that we wanted what we were doing more than anything, she wedding planning + me photography... we both agreed that we still had a long way to go BUT were willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Our stroll led us to a cool red garage littered with garbage, a couple alley ways, Wright park + then finally our studio on Tacoma Ave.

Charis wanted these pictures to show her energy, her easy going nature + I think we accomplished just that.

And although I have chosen to leave the formal business shots out I love this preview because it shows all of those things.

If your looking for a wedding planner, I would recommend Charis, WithoutDoubt. :)  Check her out on Facebook here: 



visit her site: www.withoutdoubtweddings.com