SPECIAL DELIVERY: Our very first album!

There is nothing like being stuck at home sick + hearing the phone ring with UPS at your door.  A special delivery: our very first wedding album from GraphiStudios {graphistudios.com}!  We are thrilled + carried that album around with us tonight like it was a small child!  So exciting: having a real life album to show clients: we are growing up ma!  Beautiful product below---and straight from Italia with a metallic cover and leather binding and hardback, I might add. Special shouts to the amazing Andria Lindquist (www.andrialindquist.com) who when recently receiving her very own album wrote a wicked blogged that inspired me to showcase ours.

There is nothing I have wanted more than to be a photographer, since I was like 14 years old.... and in 7 days, my dreams are coming true!  Dream until your dreams come true!

Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless!