The Garzas {Tacoma, WA Family Photographer}

I have know Lizbeth since high school. As I was shooting her family, all I could think about was one spring evening when I had all the girls to my house to practice for cheer practice tryouts. We were all in my backyard practicing jumps and kicks. At our photoshoot, there were jumps and kicks, but it wasnt practice and it wasn't us, it was her 3 beautiful children who could rival Gap kid models any day.  After being disconnected for 10 years, Facebook & our high school reunion brought us together again--and though age and time has separated us, Liz is just as sweet now as she was 10 years ago.

I love her family.  I love her sweet kids and I loved our time together.  Below is a preview of her sweet crew!


We started in Union Station in downtown Tacoma with more formal looks.....
then headed outside to hang at the University of Washington-Tacoma campus
baby Carlo had just celebrated his first birthday the day before:
and a bonus picture of my gorgeous friend because I love to see her smile: