Myanna and Ezhane: Homecoming quick shoot

I love these girls so much! They are beautiful young women of God who know what they want and are completely on the course toward it.  They are faithful and sweet and kind and a total complete example of what I would want in my children when they are 16 & 17.  I love that Myanna, who is in her senior year, totally embraced sharing her pictures with her little sis, Ezhane, her junior. I love their sister relationship!

Isaiah and I adore these girls, this family and would do anything for them--so when they mentioned that they might want some pictures on homecoming, we did what we could to make it possible.  This was suppose to be Myanna's senior sesh, but since we were pressed for time, we took her shot for the yearbook and played around in their dresses!

*sidenote*-Isaiah and I drove past this background, piece of outdoor art, for weeks waiting for the city to  finish so we could be the first to shoot on it!!  SUCCESS!