The Romero's

Its rare that I can't find the words for anything, much less my friends.... but for some reason, I am having trouble putting how much this family means to me into words.  Nothing seems good enough for them or the impact they have had on our lives (mine and Isaiah) over the last year.

Laura and Ruben are easily the kind of friends who's house you walk into and change into sweats to curl up and watch a movie. Who's kids run to you and hug you and know you and love you.  The kind of friends who fit you like a old glove.  That is easily how much I love them.  They are my favorite pair of jeans, my worn out pair of Uggs I just got in December that look 5 years old.  They are the most perfect friends. They believe in us and they encourage us like none other & we believe in them!

That is the little bit I can muster for this post.

I love you both dearly (and although Isaiah wouldn't put it quite like this, he loves you too).  Can't wait for those family trips together.... one day.


 We love this family so much that Ike had to be in the picture too!