The Groves!

So basically there are few words to describe how instrumental/impactful/amazing/supportive/loving this family has been to us!

They have played a huge role in the last year of our lives and we are so grateful for who they are.

They have four of the most incredible/God fearing children & are two of the most amazing people who constantly demonstrate love, not only to their family and eachother but to everyone around them.

Anna & Rob: we love you so much!  Thank you for being such a foundation for us/sharing your lives/home & heart with us!  We are so thankful for your friendship!

Side Note: Location/abandoned transmission service station that Isaiah made me feel so bad about picking out/but I was so attracted to the mixture of yellows/red/and white. I just saw something there!  I love all of the windows and reflections and I think it was the perfect location to showcase this gorgeous family!

wanted to take a few moments to focus on my beautiful friend & the woman of this abode:

and the love she shares with her amazing husband, Rob