Sweet Coco aka Tarin Calmeyer & the newest Nikon Gangsta

I knew of Tarin before I ever knew Tarin and oddly enough the same went for her.  We talked back in forth via Facebook showering eachother with compliments...  a few tweets here & a few tweets there/some text messages and a phone call=12 hrs of Isaiah & Latasha and our newest Nikon Gangsta Tarin.
Tarin is from Johannasburg, SA and on her way through the states she said all the right things to make me want to meet her on person and show her how we do what we do (not that we are experts BUT thankful that someone loves and respects our work and wants to learn from us).
After 4 amazing shoots/Tarin headed home to sleep for 6hrs and hope on a plane back home.  Tarin is a talent & a absolute joy!  She's on her way to photog school in Austrailia and Im counting on her to teach us everything she knows one day!
Tarin: as beautiful as you are WE had to get our cameras on you! 
"The Many Faces of Coco"