Meet Lauren & Brittani: twins!!

They are 21 now & all they wanted were pictures!  I was so honored when Lauren called me & even more excited when I found out that they were twins and had never done pictures together before.

To celebrate their birthdays Lauren really wanted pictures & although we were booked/I just couldn't tell her know on her birthday--so we met downtown, Tacoma and went to work just before the sun went down!

These girls are so sweet!  Lauren loves her sister so much & you could tell by the way she looked at her that she was thrilled to have the opportunity to finally capture THEM together & her sweet nephew, Brittani's son.

In the city of Tacoma/there's this awesome square in downtown where these amazing wooden letters have been cut out for the community to enjoy & spell out different phrases, etc.  I saw this and loooooved it & the girls loved it too so this became our location of choice.

Below are a few images from our time together!  Thank you Lauren & Brittani for allowing us to be the first: here are the few of many!