The Hunich's plus 1

You have heard me talk about my dear friend Danielle--so I wont go on and on and on about her EXCEPT to say this:

Joe & Danielle are some of the most amazing people I have met in the last year & their son is the kind of kid that makes you looooong for children.  He is so tender and so sweet and so genuine and TOTALLY my favorite part of this shoot.

This particular shoot was one of my favorites to date---because there are millions of gorgeous pictures: CLEARLY look at them & it was with someone whom I absolutely adore.  When I say preview: thats exactly what this is: a preview.  I could be up ALL night long editing TONS more.  Ummm by the way, Danielle is 7 months pregnant... i mean really???!

and a few images that i just couldnt get to load the first time around.....