Dre & Dionne WON big!

This one is quick because you can read about Dionne and her family down in the March/April posts... but for now quick back story....  at our launch party for the business we did a couple raffles/some t-shirts/some little stuff and 1 big prize: 1hr shooting with us on the house!  Dionne won and it was so touching because as she came to collect her prize she had tears in her eyes.  I was completely honored 1.) because she would get emotional over being able to shoot with us & 2.) that she loves our work that much that it would make her feel that way.

Dionne had been wanting to do some couple pictures with her amazing husband--so a few weeks ago we went out and here are a few special moments for the sharing:

One thing I love about these pictures is Dionne and her beauty.  She glows and is so calm/her demeanor is so evident in these images.  Even editing and looking at her face was relaxing and coaxing.  She is such a kind,warm and caring person and I really feel it exudes in these images.  Her heart is pure and I am honored to call her not only a supporter but a friend!  Love you girl!