Linh & Justice: very mini session

Linh is my phenomenal friend; who is amazingly gifted in the arts and one that I am particularly fond of: photography!

It is Linh who really inspired me (although she never knew) to pursue my photography!  She loved people. She loved pictures.  She loved her camera and she just did it.  Her example (with a few other key pieces of encouragement) made me do the same.

Linh came to our launch party (pictures coming soon) and booked a shoot with me.  We have been trying to go out for weeks--but alas we live in the NW so the rain made it difficult; but the GREAT Jerry Gihonis says you can make magic anywhere so I invited Linh & Justice to our empty NEW apartment with a box of props; some feathers, some beautiful natural light--we made magic in our 20 minutes together!