Ok so I really should be ashamed for taking so long to get back on the blog, but I promise there are reasons why I have been away; here are a few:

traveling: recently spent some time in San Diego, hanging out and extending my Flash Course experience with Kacey Luvi shooting some families and a gorgeous wedding (which you will see in my following posts).

Isaiah and I turned old, or older at least-Isaiah (27), me (28) and kicked off this new year with a pretty slamming party to not only commemorate the blessing of aging, but also to launch our new website which can be searched, found and perused at


we've been hanging out, chilling, burning the film, getting better, mentoring folks--shooting models, clothes, babies, seniors, weddings, designers, dogs, food and everything we can get our hands on!

I must say though it does feel good to be back--to talk, to share, to explain.  Ive spent a lot of time listening and studying and learning and pouring myself, ourselves into those who know best so that we can become the best--and we are excited because we ABSOLUTELY without a doubt know that photography is for us, that we can do this and do it well and that we are GOOD at it!  SO without further ado; thank you for continuing to support and follow those 33 spoken, as well as those unspoken............................

and we're on!! :)

P.S.  make sure to check out the website! :)



P.S.  its official!!!  We are legitimate... check out our NEW website: