Antwanette; my fan club president?

You have a friend that believes in you and pushes and encourages and wants you to become all that you were made to be??! I am so blessed because I have TONS of those people in my life, but Antwanette: Im almost positive would be my fan club president if such a role existed.

Since the beginning she has pushed me to GO GO GO after everything I want.  She has been 1000% positive and encouraging and booked a shoot with us on faith; before we reallly knew what we were doing.

I feel beyond blessed to know her and am so thankful for her wisdom!  She is one of the only voices I hear telling me to enjoy this: enjoy what God is doing; be still and just enjoy it.

I would love to share more than just these few images of our sesh together; but we are doing a special presentation with her family this weekend; so I am holding out..... but enjoy her and her sweet family!