DaShaun and some??!

Originally, my friend Dionne contacted me to do some pictures of her sweet son DaShaun and his great-great grandfather.  There family has 4 generations and they wanted to be able to capture that on film (or digital film).  She had been trying for two years to organize a shoot and one day she sent me the most flattering email and we set something up. (you never know who's reading your blogs, so make sure you keep up on them).

So Dionne shows up, with not only her son, husband, husband's father and grandfather---but almost every other member of her immediate family!  Bahahaaaaa! Everybody wanted in on this shoot, so Isaiah and I looked at eachother and said, why not and went to work.  They wanted some traditional family pictures with a twist of fun and I think we delivered (a few below for your viewing pleasure).

Here are a few from that special day!  By the way, LOVE LOVE LOVE Dionne's family.  So full of life, so funny and so kind.  It was a pleasure and I would shoot all of them again any day!