Junko is in BUSINESS, literally!

Junko contacted me because she needed business cards.... my first official business card shoot!

I love Junko so of course I screamed YES because any chance I get to spend with her and her amazing husband, Ivan, is like getting to spend time with the most incredibly beautiful and humble celebrities.  They are sooo amazing and such incredible servants for God.  (See their Christmas portraits in December 2009). 

Anyway, I spent a short time with them on Saturday and can you believe that I LOVE them even more??!  Sometimes I feel like Junko is my very biggest fan!  She is sooo encouraging and so gracious!  If you need a new house, let Junko know. You can find her whenever the Christian Faith Center doors are open in Federal Way... or I am sure you could google search her because she's so glamorous Im sure she has her own fan page!

Threw in a few pictures of them for fun, because who wouldnt, right??!