sooooo... I'm totally a photographer! Meet McKenna!

For all the people who love me and are so anxious to see what Ive learned here in Arizona, with my new friend Kacey (see how Im not calling her my mentor anymore, although she TOTALLY still is)... here's an awesome sneek peak!!! (P.S. Kacey shot me shooting... and I did all of the composition, obvi the shooting and all of the post production work).   Here's a picture of Kacey, according to me---she was actually my first real model in Arizona:

New logo too!

McKenna is 17-years old and one beautiful young woman.  She was such a joy and such an incredible model for my segway into my next life as a photographer.  She is so yummy!  Gorgeous smile, spectacular eyes and so gracious and humble I'm not sure she really grasp how absolutely modelicious she is!  Such a joy to know and a wonderful new addition to my life.  Thanks McKenna for being such a beautiful subject on my first portrait photoshoot of 2010!