I am gonna keep this post short and sweet because that's what my heart is telling me... BUT before I end I must say that Sherae is one of the most incredible God woman that I have met in 2009, which is why I think it was fitting for God to bring her into my life the last day of the year to give me a example of commitment, intimacy and a true understanding of a relationship with God, a friendship with God... understanding that you are already the bride and princess of the ONLY partner who really matters--our Most High.  Sherae is so committed to knowing and respecting and honoring people through her faith.  It was wonderful spending a few moments with her.  Although the shoot didn't quite go the way he both hoped and expected... I think we still got some really sweet moments....

Sherae is reading three books and although I haven't read them, after doing some research for the shoot, I definitely plan too.  I have a feeling upon reading your life will never be the same. so check out:

"God Chicks"-Holly Wagner

"He Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry"-Lisa Bevere

"His Princess Bride"-Sheri Rose Shepard

Happy New Year and all the best for 20-10! I know I'm excited!!!