The Silverman's

Katy and I have a mutual friend Laura who loves both of us very much!  Katy needed pictures and I needed clients and Laura made it happen.

Katy is so sweet and has the sweetest little family.  Katy and Josh's daughter was full of energy and excitement (when it was her turn to take pictures; she was such a little ham AND like a little girl should be TOTALLY bored when it wasnt).  Katy and Josh's sweet baby boy was so warm and cuddly, so snuggly and ONCE again made me feel like I wanted a family of my own.

I enjoy the hour and a half I got to spend with the Silverman's who were so gracious and so kind.  I left with so many offers of food, including my favorite ice cream.  Pray for their family as Josh gets ready to head off to basic training and likely faces deployment after that.  Pray for peace, strength, comfort and abundance.

Here are a few of the many moments I captured while together: