Olivia Grace

Ohemmgeeeee!! God has blessed me with some amazing relationships with young people, in fact to date, I am a god-mother to four children and I am so thankful--but no child has made me happier or helped me thru harder times then the one below! Olivia has been such a BRIGHT spot in my life! Olivia was born about 18 months ago and her laugh is infectious, her tears heartbreaking and her sweet disposition more than I can handle. When she smiles or laughs, for me, it makes my whole world right! Growing up, her mom was like my sister. Although 8 years my junior I loved her to death and always picked her up and carried her around like she was mine when she was a baby. I never thought it was possible, but I think I love Olivia even more. There WERE so many pictures that I couldn't limit it to just a few, so bare with me.... (in many ways I'm more a proud auntie, then a second cousin).

Meet my precious and sweet Livi (as we so affectionately call her):