Protect Your Schedule Protect Your Life {Photography Education and Resources}

By Kacey Luvi

When I first started a photography business 10 years ago, I was a poor, single grad

school student with very few bills, very little responsibility and a TON of time on my

hands. When an inquiry would come in for photos, I would nearly let the client

completely dictate when their session would be. I would give a few suggestions like

time of day, but otherwise it was in their hands. After all, I no other commitments

outside of school and all the reasons in the world to make some money, sharpen my

skills and build by portfolio. Once I got married, I had to think about my husbands

schedule, our dog, the lighting AND the clients requests, but I was still willing to be

flexible to make any session happen. Then kids happen and the world is on your

shoulders. I not only had the responsibility of wifing and dinner on the table, but wiping

butts, cleaning the house, feeding mouths all day long and trying to balance emails,

orders, editing and scheduling the next photoshoots.

There are 1,840,734 ways to run a photography business, so I always advise to grab

ideas from a variety of business owners that you respect and begin to mold a plan and

schedule that works best for you and the needs of your family.

First question. What is your goal? Define it and be specific. Are you looking to get

out of your current corporate job and take on photography full time? Or are you a mom

looking for a fun hobby to get you out of the house and do something creative. Do you

want to make a little extra spending money, provide a healthy second income to the

family, or be the sole bread winner? These are the first questions you need to ask

yourself when it comes to your goals because they will determine how much TIME you

put into the business.

Now, rather than trying to speak to every variety of photographer, I will just highlight the

WHY behind my business, what my goals are and how I schedule out my year all in the

name of being a wife and a mom FIRST. My personal goal is to be at home with my

kids, present and as undistracted as possible. My conflicting “goal” is to be

recognized, to be “busy” and to look successful. So many of us moms are DYING to

find something OUTSIDE the home to provide us with value. I believe being a stay-at home

mom is a high calling and a tough battle. Hear me, it is EASIER TO WORK

OUTSIDE THE HOME THAN INSIDE THE HOME. Of course women want a fun,

creative job outside the house.. it’s EASIER than kids! But hear me louder here… there

is nothing like being a mom. It is a job that NO ONE can do as well as you. Your kids

will always benefit more having YOU as their primary caretaker. They will be blessed,

peaceful and filled with love for you. Let’s not be too quick to waste this precious time

on building an empire outside our homes when our biggest and most significant

ministry is WITHIN our homes. This is my why behind scheduling the way that I do. You

don’t have to be a mom to do it this way… shoot, you don’t have to do it this way at

all. But this is what has brought my family peace and my marriage connectedness, all

while spending a limited amount of time away from the home doing something I am

SUPER passionate about. Therein, my personal goals have been met.

Next question. What does SUCCESS mean to you?

Is it recognition and accolades? Is it being in high demand? Is it reaching 100k

followers on Instagram? Is it making a 6-figure income? You must ask yourself this

question so you can reach true CONTENTMENT while you are on your business

journey. We can be so easily robbed of joy (and creativity) if we are constantly

discontent with where were are. While a little fire under your butt drives us well, there is

something to be said about a peace in your heart knowing that your priorities are truly

in order. For me, if it means I book less and only commit to 1-2 speaking engagements

per year, I have upheld my first commitment to put my family first. The minute I get

swept up in becoming too busy, my family suffers and we all feel it. So I took a leap of

faith at the beginning of 2015 and decided to be staunchly exclusive with my

availability, for the protection of my schedule, all the while bringing in the same income.

Maybe new seasons of life will be different, but for now while my babes are young, this

is what it looks like.

I book 1-2 SATURDAYS a month and 10 day trip to the midwest in the summer.

Perhaps 1 Saturday is a wedding (I only talk about 5 weddings per year) OR a full day

of mini family sessions and the other Saturday is filled with 3 sessions of high school

seniors. I choose the Saturdays ahead of time and post on my social media sites what

days I am available for the upcoming months. This is where the discipline comes in for

me. As my own boss, and the holder of the key to my schedule, I used to bend over

backwards to accommodate people’s schedules. I would be out shooting 7 days a

week if someone asked me to and were willing to show me the money. It became this

weird issue of finding value in how “in demand” I was and how much money I could

make. I was getting worldly success mixed up with spiritual success. Is it possible to

have both? Sure! You just have keep priorities in their proper place.

When I received an inquiry, I respond with the investment PDF and the dates and times

I have available. If they are not available when I am that month, we look to the next

month or the month after. I’ve had very dedicated clients wait for 6 months to get in

and those that are not as interested in me (or on a deadline) get referrals to

photographers I trust. We take a non-refundable deposit up front to secure their

booking and the remaining balance is due at the time of their session. This helps

tremendously with avoiding last minute cancellations when you have already arranged

for childcare and/or turned away several other inquiries that would have liked that spot.

When we travel to the midwest, we book about 10 days of consecutive sessions at 3

per day. It’s just flat out nuts, but it works. This is, by far, our most profitable season as

all of our work is consolidated into those 10 days. I bring my kids, my mom to watch

my kids while I shoot, but still make time to play between shoots, eat dinner with them,

bathe them and tuck them into bed. This is my 10th annual summer “tour” I like to call

it and my daughter’s 5th, so it’s become quite a little family tradition. I love that my kids

can watch me work and see that I LOVE what I do and set an example for them in


Another way I protect my schedule is in regards to outside services. Whether I am in

Scottsdale or the midwest, I outsource my editing, admin, album design and order

processing. These are things that I am NOT great at AND total time eaters. The last

thing I want to do is be a stay-at-home mom that is a slave to my computer. It kind of

defeats the purpose. If you are in ANY way feeling overwhelmed with your business as

a mom, please do yourself (and your kids) a HUGE favor by looking into outsourcing

the things that can be done by others. You don’t have to be making a 6-figure income

to afford outsourcing, you just have to figure out what you can give to make it worth it

for you and find someone willing. Enough of my long-windedness.. my prayer for

moms across the nation trying to juggle so many different jobs remember that FIRST

and foremost, your role as a mother is the most important and being a successful

photographer comes second. Protect your family, protect your marriage. Be excellent

in all that you do, just do it in order.



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Las Vegas Senior Shootout 2016:W/ Christina Ramirez, True Moua & Spanki Mills {Senior Photography workshops & courses, wppi, las vegas, nv}

There is literally nothing better for the creative's soul then being getting out and being creative.  It's something that we often forget to do, but it brings so much clarity focus and reignited passion for the work.

When my friends Christina, Spanki and True invited me to be a part of a collaborative to put on stylized shoot outs for photographers, my first reactions was that they had to have the wrong person.   Never once have I displayed that I was talented enough or even enjoyed stylized shoots.  My version of a stylized shoots is my girls dressed in my brand colors and denim and headed out on the town.  That's how basic my shooting style is.   But, reluctant, I agreed because I knew that these girls would challenge me to think outside of my comfort zone and that if they were asking me that there had to be something they felt I could bring to the table.  

We all knew we were going to WPPI.  We also knew that WPPI isn't always great at providing educational resources for senior photographers.  We thought it was a great opportunity to fill that gap, and fill is what we did.  We dreamed up an amazing shootout at Nelson Ghost Town and started our planning. 

One thing that I knew immediately that I could offer were my girls, who were both excited and who's parents were equally willing to support me taking them on this trip!

We piled into the car, a group of high school juniors and seniors,  and headed to the airport and we were on our way to meet the girls and our shoot out crew!

Even though the girls were only going to be in Vegas for just over 24 hours, we made sure to give them an experience to remember - because legit, if your parents let you go to Vegas overnight, you have to DO Vegas even if its in high speed.  

Some of my girls had never been and enjoyed taking in the sights once we landed and unpacked our suitcases.

It brought me so much joy to see how exciting it was for them and how much fun they were having. 

After just 4 hours of sleep, the girls woke up at 5a and went immediately into hair and makeup.  SO professional.  So humble, they set in their chairs and prepared for the day, while the girls and I came up with our strategy for the day.

On the drive to Nelson ( about 1hr and 15 minutes) we did a candid Q&A on the charter bus about our experience in senior photographer, an overview of how we run our business (all very different, but all in ways that work for us) and we had the opportunity to encourage the attendees, put them at peace that they were right on track and provide some fun insight on how to work with young people and to create a senior business that was impactful.

Each of us brought our unique styles to the shoot.

I was able to bring my urban flair, while Christina brought a very polished and pretty aesthetic, Spanki taught on emotion and connection and it was evident in the images that were created by the attendees who worked with her and True, with all of her imagination, brought her styled concepts.

It was amazing seeing how our four unique styles actually complimented each other really well AND added so much value to the attendees learning experience overall. 

It was such a joy getting to know Christina, True and Spanki better and I was amazed by how well we really worked well together. 

I learned so much by collaborating with these ladies. 

Three Things I Learned by Doing This Shoot Out:

1.) Her Success Is Not My Failure - a lesson that continues to show itself strong in everything I do.  Working with other photographers and collaborating with them, only seems to strengthen my own work, challenge me to go harder and to pull deeper to create art that is impactful and that is true to me.  It helps me to see what makes me unique and to really build on my strengths and no part of sharing, working or collaborating with other artist dilutes any plans or vision that God has for me. 

2.) Collaboration is powerful and necessary.  No man is an island and getting out and dreaming and working with others brings so much joy and really is a lot of fun.

3.) Don't be Afraid to Stretch Yourself, even if its not your norm.  I always speak about not being the "stylized type," but I think its okay to adopt something new to challenge yourself.  To see if you can do it and to see what comes out of it.  Maybe in that process you may discover something about yourself, or you might discover something along that way that really is who you are - and you can't get to that place without challenging yourself to think outside of the box.

Every time I get around these ladies now, I am excited about the discoveries I am going to make about myself, simply by being in their presence.  They challenge me and force me to see my work in such a different light and to push to the next level. 


Below a few images I got to make during this shootout

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Ike and Tash

10 Tips for Email Marketing Success w/ Teri Fode of Voice Your Brand

Are you using the amazing marketing tool that is completely and 100% controlled and owned by YOU? If not, I highly (emphasis on highly) suggest you add this to your "do it now for the success of my business" list because it's the single most important thing you can add to your marketing success. Especially with the news that Instagram is now moving to an algorithm feed.

If you have an email list of your clients, you know the power of the inbox. There are many fabulous user-friendly email services out there: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, A Weber, Mad Mimi, and more.

Assuming you have your email service set up, here are 10 tips for elevating the success of your email campaign:

1. WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? People's inboxes are deluged with more than they care to deal with. Handing over their email address is the last thing they want to do...unless it's something they are sincerely interested in. Your emails must offer something of value to your clients.  Make sure you've planned out your email campaign to include subjects that will interest them

2. PERMISSION: This may seem obvious, but make sure that you aren't just adding people to your email list. Legally they must give permission via a signup form on your site or a permission to have you add them by hand (it's always best to have them do it using the form on your site). And besides, this ensures that you are building a quality list of people that want to receive your information.

3. WELCOME EMAIL: The first email your list should receive from you should be a very inviting, welcoming note that includes 3 parts: 1) Welcome 2) Here's what to expect --- tell them how often you send out emails 3) a small tidbit of information that is valuable to them.

4. AUTO-RESPONDERS: This is a series of emails that can be set up in your email system that go out automatically when someone signs up. The first would be the Welcome Email above; thereafter, you can set up a pre-written letter that goes out 1 week later with a value point and then a 3rd letter that goes out a week after that with additional info. These auto-responders can be set up for a series of emails over a determined course of time with value-packed info going out to your list!

5. KEEP IT PERSONAL: Your list service allows you to select a default code that inserts your list names by first name. For Mailchimp, it's *|FNAME|*. Of course, you need to set up your sign up forms to request first names.

6. FIRST LINE WITH A PUNCH: The first line in the inbox must be of interest and must be catchy. Of course, it also must tie into your subject matter. But keep in mind that you are competing with hundreds of other emails in the inbox of your client.

7. BRAND A SERIES: The #1 thing I teach in my workshop is to plan your email campaign 1 year out! This is a series, a campaign, a planned year of info to be sent to your client base. Of course, this does take an investment of time, but it's very well worth it. TIP: You should have 2 types of email campaigns for 2 segmented lists: Your "VIP List" (current/past clients) and your "GENERAL" List (customers stopping by your site, interested in your services as a potential client).

8. BE QUICK AND BE DONE: This is a biggie. [Intro it. Say it. End it.] Because people are busy and they need to get to your point quickly in order to move on. But make it amazing so that they know when they see your name pop up on their mobile phone inbox email, they don't want to pass you up. Because your quick. And your good.

9. GET PERSONAL: Believe it or not, one of the reasons people subscribe to your email list is they want to get to know you better! Be personal, share tidbits, be real, be you. Give a few "tips about me" that you might not share anywhere else online! This is your personal email list, after all.

10. EVERYONE LOVES A PRESENT: Give a freebie gift in your email once in a while---or more often. It can be an eBook of ideas to decorate, a pdf of makeup tips, etc. Point is, people love surprises with value.

Teri Fode is the owner of Teri Fode Photography with a specialty in fashion-inspired senior portraits and their families. She is also the creator of, where she teaches the professional photographer how to voice his/her "it factor" to the world with style, through intentional and focused marketing strategies.


Gathering Around The Table: Why We Started Sunday Dinners { Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographers, Tacoma, WA}

Of all the things we have been able to do with our business, the things we love most always surround the work we do with the young people who cross our paths.

As photographers, particularly senior photographers, we have such an amazing opportunity to give back.  To make connections, get to know our young people, come along side them, get to and become one more voice of reason to help support and love on them as they transition through their last year of high school. 

Last year, while dreaming up different activities for our street team - I thought about the things that I loved so much growing up!  One of the things that stood out in my mind were the potlucks that we had at our church!  As I thought about those gatherings, all of the fellowship, and the community and, of course, the yummy food, I thought about our street team and wondered if they ever had the opportunity to experience or engage in something similar. 

While on Periscope one day, someone also asked if our girls had ever gotten together and studied and that stuck with me.  Plain and simple, there is something so special about gathering around a table -  it's why holidays are so revered, and why going out to dinner is so popular when socializing.  We all have to eat, and food brings us together.  It slows us down, forces us to want to talk and share about our goals and dreams, solve our problems,  and be there for one another. 

We realized that there were far too many gaps between our street team functions and events – and I wanted to make sure I was checking in on not just my current girls but my older girls, our alumni who were off in college doing their thing too.  We had very little going on last fall/ winter and it was dark by 4pm.   Sundays in our house are reserved for rest and prep for the week,  so we decided to open up our home on Sunday evenings to be a place for our girls to gather to fellowship, connect and study and they also prepped for theirs.  


So what is so special about dinner,one might ask. Well I thought about this too and here are a few benefits I have seen of doing this a couple times of month.

The benefits of Sunday dinner:

  •  safe place to do homework and to get help or suggestions from their peers which promotes the development of strong relationships, leadership development and peer mentorship
  • you can partner with tutors or other folks in your community who provide services or products your young people might love, and who need direct access to young people and schedule presentations
  • it's consistent time every week to connect with your young people in your community
  •  accountability for the girls – to set weekly goals and to connect about those goals in person
  •  they get to bring foods that reflect their culture and experience and share them together
  •  gives them something to look forward to that is consistent – and allows them to let their hair down
  •  builds community among young people at a time where it is dangerously lacking
  • puts a spotlight on you and your business and what you are doing for young people in your community aside from the photographs you create for them

Want to host your own Sunday dinner but at a lost of how to pull it all together?  No sweat.  Below are step by step instructions on how to set up your own time with your senior models OR really any community you might want to connect with in a more intimate way.

How to host your own Sunday dinner: 

  1. set a consistent date and a time and invite the girls
  2. encourage them to bring the food and you provide the drinks or the desserts – coordinate a theme or pick a theme and assign a group of girls to salad, main dish, drinks, desserts and utensils.  
  3. or cook together // have the girls bring the ingredients and plan to get your feet wet together cooking in the kitchen
  4.  set themes or an agenda for Sunday dinners IF you plan to have more than one a month
  5. have the girls tell you what they are going to be working on from week to week and check in and follow up
  6. you can use this as an opportunity to gather information for your own business.  Let the gathering work for you by asking questions that pertain to your business, brainstorm with them while you have them in your atmosphere– let them invite a friend who might be a potential client (this week we are having the 2017 girls who may want to book a senior session come in for a visit)

Can’t do a Sunday dinner, or don't want to but need some other ideas and options:  

  •  meet at a park for a workout
  • meet at a coffee shop for a coffee date
  •  schedule dinner dates at restaurants
  • rent out a local bakery, boutique for a couple of hours and allow the girls to show exclusively
  • do study hall at the library
  • plan a road trip
Please note:  All pictures taken at the Class of 2017 Street Team induction dinner //  Our Sunday dinners are generally more chill then this.  

Please note:  All pictures taken at the Class of 2017 Street Team induction dinner //  Our Sunday dinners are generally more chill then this.  

It's A Balancing Act.

  How to run a successful business and still be a supermom for your family


Brooke Daniels

 The topic I get asked the most about from other photographers isn’t actually about photography at all. Maybe it’s because it’s the topic I’m the most passionate about, or because it's the one common thread that all mom-togs struggle with daily. How in the world do we operate a thriving business, be present in the lives of our families, live without regret, and maintain our own happiness and sanity? 

 I am going to be completely open and vulnerable because this topic is the most personal to my journey.  Through my struggles, I hope you will find that you are not alone and that together we will break down some simple life-changing strategies of how to make your business work for your family, instead of you always having to work for your business.  After all, the benefit of being a small business owner is that you get to set the pace, set your hours, dictate your salary, and enjoy complete creative freedom.  But what happens when you feel like your business controls you and you lose sight over what made you fall in love with your career in the first place?  

 My passion might be photography but my calling is being a mother to our 9 year old son, 5 year old daughter and a wife to the man I madly love.  Our children are the most important blessing in my life and I cannot allow any other priority ever come between me and my family.  It is possible to have both a successful career and happy, loved, fulfilled children.  It’s not easy, but it’s possible! I hope you’ll find a few new ideas here that will help transform the entire atmosphere of your business! The small changes you make in your daily routine will make the biggest difference in the overall peace and happiness in your home.


Delegate and Automate.  You earn money when you are behind the camera…. not behind a computer.  No one else can create the art that you do.  And if you have chosen a career as a photographer, chances are, what you enjoy most is actually photographing.  What do you spend hours a week doing that you could hire others to do for you?  What are some of your tasks that you don’t enjoy doing that someone else might even be better at doing than you? You can do ANYTHING, but not everything.  So focus your time on doing what you love most and what you do best.  You can outsource your editing to a trained professional who can match your own editing style. Most charge $2.00 to $2.50 per image and the turn around time is usually just a couple of days.  Calculate how many hours you spend editing each session.  Then weigh that against what you would have to pay for someone else to do it for you.  Not only is it a write off for your business, but you could even slightly raise your prices to accommodate the extra expense.  Your time is your most valuable asset, so protect it at all cost!  Once you are able to let go of one area of your business and start to enjoy the weight that’s lifted off of your shoulders, it will be easier to delegate other tasks.  You could considering hiring someone to facilitate your ordering sessions who works as a commissioned based employee.  Since they are not emotionally invested in the portraits that were taken, they might be able to even produce higher sales for you.  If you are not ready to let go of such a key component in your business, start by hiring an assistant or even an intern to help with social media posts, emails, packaging orders, etc.  In addition to hiring outside sources to help with business productivity, you can also look into hiring a house cleaner or personal organizer.  There are only so many hours in a day and you can’t do it all!  Write a list of all of the daily jobs you do, then mark the ones that only you can do yourself.  What ever is left on your list, choose one thing and hire someone else to do that job.  Just see what happens, notice how you feel, observe how your children and spouse feel by having more of YOU present in their day.  You can also automate to save time. In today’s world, social media and web presence are essential to running a productive business, but staying active online takes up an abundance of time.  There are plenty of avenues available to automate your posts, like Hootsuite and Buffer.  

 Specialize. For years I shot maternity, newborn, babies, children, families, boudoir, engagement, head shots, fashion and seniors. Over time, I grew tired of most of the types of sessions I was scheduling, except for seniors and commercial fashion, and started to increase my session fees for the ones I didn’t completely enjoy.  I thought, if I’m going to have to shoot this, at least I’ll be earning more. But, even raising my rates didn’t stop clients from booking.  If you have to keep raising your prices to try to deter people from scheduling those sessions with you… I have a secret word to teach you. This word will empower you and free you from stress and worry.  Are you ready? The word is “No.”  They will simply find another photographer, they will not think any less of you, and the world will go on.  And you will rejoice in knowing that every time you are away from your family and every time you are behind a camera, at least you are truly loving every minute of your craft!  So reduce your scope of work to specialize just in your passion.  Then tailor your website to only show the work you want to book.  When you shoot for money it shows, and when you shoot with passion it glows!  Therefore if all of your images are coming from the heart, the quality of your work will increase and you can build up enough clients to take only the type of sessions that bring you the most fulfillment.  I’ve noticed that clients really place value on artists who specialize because they they know they are investing in someone who focuses all of their time, energy and talents on them.  If your child has a rare epileptic medical issue, are you going to go see a general family practitioner for their treatment?  Of course not!  You will find the best pediatric neurologist who specializes in that exact condition.  By specializing you can ultimately create your dream job!

Scheduling.  I’ll share with you my rule of thumb.  How ever many sessions you think you can successfully manage per week or per month, reduce that number by 10%.  On paper, things always sounds doable, but you need to build in enough down time for the unexpected.  What happens when your children all come down with the flu, or if you want to surprise your husband with an impromptu weekend getaway?  Be sure that you have some breathing room in your calendar.  Three years ago I scheduled over 60 sessions.  The following year, once I started specialized just in seniors and fashion, I reduced the amount of clients I would schedule down to 40, yet I earned 15% more.  The goal is higher quality, less quantity… more profit, less hours…. more creative freedom, less stress.  Stop equating the number of clients you book to success.  It’s the fulfillment of your career, the available time you have to spend quality moments with your loved ones, and the money in your account that really equal success.  Organize your schedule so that it revolves well in conjunction with your family’s activities. For instance, I only schedule maybe 6 sessions all summer because it’s more important to me to be with my kids while they are out of school.  I would much rather be riding coasters at the amusement park or making sandcastles at the beach by building priceless memory banks for our children, than working those days away.  I rarely ever shoot on the weekends because that is dedicated family time.  Our studio is also closed from mid November through the beginning of January because I want to be 100% dedicated to my family throughout the holidays and not editing images at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I know that’s not practical for everyone, nor am I suggesting that, but just reminding you that you are your own boss and only you can dictate how full your calendar is going to be. Children thrive in the consistency of routines, so consider having a family movie or game night on the same night each week. A free family activity we enjoy is geocaching.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as you are all together.  One thing I’ve found to be instrumental in our children’s wellbeing, is to schedule little “dates” with each of them.  My husband and I both try to plan individual surprise dates with our kids.  Sometimes it might be as simple is just taking one of them out to run errands.  But it’s in those moments that you can really, talk, share and connect.  The one thing my kids want the most from me is my undivided attention.  They always have my unconditional love and support, but it’s the individual attention they seek most.  It’s equally important to make plans with your spouse or sweetheart.  They deserve the best of you, not the rest of you! If you have older children, find ways for them to get involved with your business so that they feel connected to your job.  Our kids love to greet clients when they arrive at our home studio.  You could have your children serve clients a beverage when they arrive for their ordering session or have an older child attend a shoot with you as an assistant by holding reflectors and helping carry equipment.  

Set Boundaries.  If you run a home-based studio like me, you’ll know the challenge of never being able to turn work mode all the way off… says me, who is typing at 1:00am on a Saturday.  But, in order to maintain some level of balance, you have to set a schedule and stick to it.  Almost every employee takes two days off per week.  If you have a question for your accountant, do you become annoyed or angry if you call them at 7pm on aSaturday and get their voicemail saying they are closed for the weekend and will return your call on Monday?  Hopefully the answer is no. And your clients and prospective customers will be just as understanding when they receive an out of office email reply saying your studio is closed for the day and you will get back with them once you reopen.  Thankfully there are very few emergencies in the world of photography. Everyone needs a break, everyone deserves some down time.  The only people you should be on call for 24/7, are your children.  Schedule yourself at least one day off every single week.  This means no checking email, no editing, no social media, zero.  Take a day (or two!) off to regroup, recharge your batteries, and focus just on yourself and your family.  You deserve this, and the little people and partner who love you so much, they really deserve this!  Set a schedule, make it a habit, and stick to it consistently!  I’ve found that when clients come to pick up orders it can be an interruption to our family dinner time, so try to schedule one day a week during certain hours that clients can come by, or invite them to swing by when your children are in school.  Set specific technology-free hours in your home where you limit all distractions so that you can be 100% mom.  In the book the Hands Free Mama, author Rachel Macy Stafford suggests putting your phone away in the mornings before your children leave for school and in the afternoons between when they come home and bedtime. You don’t want their childhood memory of you to be the top of your head as you’re buried in your phone.  Although that might seem like an impossible task to some (including myself!), perhaps set a goal for certain times of the day where the phone is in the car or on a different floor of your house so that you don’t have easy access.  One simple tip that has helped me, is to turn off all audio notifications on my phone except for texts and incoming calls.  By default my iPhone used to ping every time I received a new email or Facebook notification.  I couldn’t hear my own thoughts for the constant noise.  Turn that stuff off!  If it’s truly important, someone will call you!  My friend shared with me a study she read about the world’s most productive business owners.  They checked their email once in the morning and once in the evening when they were sitting at their desk and could adequately respond right then and there.  How many times have you checked your email while waiting in line at the grocery store, then forgot to respond later that evening?  Because you are not working in an office 40 hours a week and because you do not have a boss to report you, you get to set the tone of your business and decide just how much it’s going to consume your time. In 20 years, chances are you will regret the little league game you missed watching, the lego tower you missed building, and the snow angel you missed making.  They will remember your absence, yet you will forget who and what you were even shooting during those priceless moment.  

Communication. When I asked my fellow mom-togs to share their best advice for balancing work + family, the “phone” was the one subject that surfaced the most!  You can check out their great advice at the end of the article.  So, my rules with the phone are slightly unconventional for running a business, and quite frankly, I don’t care.  This might come as a shock to some, but I have never posted my phone number on my website or anywhere online and I do not even have a business phone.  Gasp.  I know, crazy, right?  When clients inquire about a session or other photographers seek information on workshops, they send me an email or submit their information through our Contact Us page on our website.  Then I reply within 48 business hours, usually sooner.  Once a client has booked and paid their deposit, then I will send them over my cell phone number, along with their photography agreement, model release form and wardrobe suggestion list.  But I do ask them to please only call or text me the day of the session if they need to reach me and that email is my preferred method of communication and my clients all respect that.  I make no apologies for putting my family first.  There are three reasons why I am anti-phone:  First, I don’t have the best memory and prefer to have everything in writing.  Second, have you ever tried to take a business call in the car with two little ones singing “Let it Go” at the top of their lungs or climbing up your leg while you are cooking dinner yelling “Mom, Mom, Mommmmm!”?  I don’t find it sets the most professional tone.  And lastly, it’s the one distraction I can eliminate from steeling valuable time when I’m at home in mom-mode.  I’ve never once had a client complain or not book with me because I didn’t have a phone number listed on my site.  If I cannot answer all of their questions via email and they would still prefer to chat with me on the phone, then I tell them that I am happy to arrange childcare so that we can schedule a phone date at a time that works for both of us.  

 Sleep.  Ahhhhhh, glorious sleep.  Just typing the word makes me want to go crawl into my cozy bed right this minute.  I do 90% of my non-shooting work (editing, email returning, packing orders, product design, social media duties, etc.) between the hours of 9pm and about 1am every night once my bambinos have drifted off to slumber.  In that time, I am trying to pack in about 8 hours worth of work into 4 hours…. my to-do list is never fully checked off, I am never, ever caught up, the work load never ends.  Once I finally get into bed, my mind is still racing with new ideas and unfinished work.  But I’ve learned that our little monkeys do not care one bit that mom has been up till the wee hours of the morning working.  They still jump out of bed bright and early, ready to start our day and I better be ready for it!  I’ve also learned that I simply cannot function with such little amount of sleep.  On those rare nights when I have gotten the recommended 7 or 8 hours of sleep, it’s amazing how refreshed, energized and patient I feel all day.  Getting adequate sleep makes all the difference in the world for your health, mood and overall well-being.  Set a timer on your phone to turn your computer off at a certain time each night.  Write a daily to-do list of just your most essential tasks and once those are checked off, you need to check out.  Ask your partner to hold you accountable and make sure you are out of your office and in bed at a reasonable hour. Or find a photographer buddy who struggles with working too late and text each other at a designated time as a reminder to call it a night.  Sleeping with a white noise machine in our room and wearing a sleeping mask, has been a big help in getting a better nights rest.  

 Take Care of You.  You cannot take care of others until you have first taken care of yourself.  As moms, we are so focused on taking care of others, that it’s easy to lose sight of our own needs.  You should take time every week (or better yet, every day) to do something that does not involve a camera or your munchkins.  Maybe it’s going to get a pedicure, meeting a friend for lunch, exercising, reading a book, going on a hike, volunteering, baking, or taking a bubble bath while listening to your favorite music.  Unwind, decompress, relax, breathe.  It’s in the moments when we are removed from noise that we can see and appreciate all of our blessings more.  You will never have complete peace and contentment at home if you aren’t at peace mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This could be a great opportunity for you to explore a new hobby or enjoy some much needed quiet time.   

Reduce Noise. This might possibly be the most difficult, but also the most rewarding change you can make in your daily routine.  Life is full of noise and distraction, but a ton of it is completely unnecessary and totally unproductive.  How many times have you gotten bored editing a session late at night, so you pop over to Facebook real quick to see if there are any new updates… then 30 minutes later you find yourself looking through pictures of someone you barely know, and honestly, hardly care about?  TOTAL TIME SUCK!  Social media can drain the ever living life right out of you!  Don’t allow it to have that much control over your valuable time. We spend so much of our life behind a screen interacting with people we hardly know, that we often times neglect the human connections with those we love most.  So how do we break those chains of distraction?  Unfollow, unfriend, unsubscribe.  I’m only “friends” with people on Facebook that I personally know and if someone posts content that makes me feel unsettled, upset, or irritated, I simply hide or unfollow that person or business with one easy click.  You have the power to chose who can steal your time, be sure they are worthy of it!  Life is too short for negatively and drama, so use your social media time simply to connect with loved ones and to market your business. Out of sight, out of mind!  Declutter your screen time so that when you zip through your news feed and email you are only viewing content from people and companies who are inspiring, encouraging and genuine.  

 Personal Projects and Giving Back.  When I’m feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and under appreciated, planning a personal creative project or offering a donated session to a non-profit organization is usually the best dose of medicine. It’s the fastest way to remind yourself why you do what you do and what made you fall in love with the art of photography in the first place. It’s so important to practice what you preach by taking portraits of your children and hanging them on your walls.  Let your children be reminded visually every day that mom or dad’s gift brings so much joy to their home.  Have you been reminded lately of your super power?  If not, let me be the one to tell you that YOU have a gift.  A gift that few possess and many wish they had.  A gift that can freeze a moment in time to be cherished forever.  Don’t take your gift for granted. When it’s all said and done, the most valuable tangible possession we will ever own are photographs of loved ones.  And YOU are able to create glorious art so take those babies out and photograph them frequently.  Be sure to get on the other side of the lens too.  Your children will want to see images of you with them as the grow.  They won’t care if you didn’t have on any makeup, were wearing stained pajama’s, or had dirty hair in a ponytail…. all they will see is your love and care for them.  

 Accountability. My hope is that you have found at least one tidbit of advice that will help you be able to better balance the two hats you wear everyday.  Once you get a plan into place, it’s a good idea to find an accountability partner.  They say that bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.  So you might need a little help getting out of that cozy bed.  It’s ok to ask for help.  Confide in someone you trust and ask them to help hold you accountable to make sure you are making progress by eliminating the areas of distraction in your life so that you are able to best utilize your work time for productivity and your free time for your family. 

 Your business should be a blessing to your and your family.  Photography has the ability be a wonderful outlet of creative expression, an avenue to share your gifts with others, and a means to bring financial support to your family. If it’s become a thief of joy, then you have the power to change that.  Sacrifice is giving up something you love, for something you love more.  Take baby steps each day and I hope that soon you’ll be able to find that perfect balance between being super mom and camera queen!

 Upcoming Workshops

 We had such a great time in NYC for our Destination Shoot with The Senior Style Guide Magazine last year, that we are heading to Charleston, SC on June 4th, 2016!  We’ll be shooting over a dozen teen models in historic downtown Charleston, on the beaches of Isle of Palms, and onboard an 84’ luxury sailboat on the water!  Our sponsors have some awesome meals and surprises planned for our attendees. We have just a couple of seats for this adventure!  Check out the Senior Style Guide for more details and to register.

Later this year I will also be hosting another all-inclusive Senior Portrait workshop in Washington DC. If you’d like to be added to our VIP list to be the first to know about upcoming workshops, email us at

 If you are attending the PUSH workshop in July, I can’t wait to see you there, as I’ll be speaking along my friend Tash and tons of other talented friends!  This year I’ll be covering how to create a full Stylized Shoot on a budget and more ways to balance work and family life.

 Keep in touch with us on Instagram @brookedanielsphotography

 XOXO Brooke 




Recruiting Seniors: 5 Quick Tips of What Not To Do

Recruiting seniors, What Not To Do.

In hindsight, there’s always a list a mile long of things we wish we would of thought of, considered, look into when starting!  "If we had only thought about this, maybe we would be here?"  Do you ever feel like that?

Early on, we knew we wanted to photograph seniors, but we weren’t always sure how to reach them.  It had been 10+ years since one of us had been in high school and we didn’t really know any high school age kids, well we did, but we weren’t particularly close to them and didn’t exactly know how to connect with or draw them in.

I, Tash, had just come out of working in a non profit position that helped at risk youth get their GEDs and job training skills, but those young adults were NOT our demographic and senior photos were the furthest thing from their mind.  The past work I had done was not going to lead to our ideal clientele. 

Over time,  we found our way, our niche and our strategy and it has worked for us, but not without making a few mistakes along the way.

Below, I want to share the Top 5 mistakes we made when we first started marketing to seniors.

Mistake #1: Failing to understand our demographics. 

When we started marketing to seniors, we had no sense of the high school senior of 2010.  Everything we did to attract seniors was based on our own experience as high school seniors, 10-12 years earlier.  We had no sense of why seniors were getting senior pictures, or even the reason why seniors in our area would not only get pictures, but also value the senior portrait experience.  Its impossible to market to a client if you aren’t completely sure if they are buying what you are selling – and if they do, what kind of experience they are willing to invest in.   I think as entrepreneurs we feel because we see a solution to a problem that others should to, but some folks may not even be aware that there is a problem in the first place.  The same goes for senior portrait experience.  In our community, there was a lack of urban focused and inspired senior portrait work – we saw that and felt we were the solution, but if our seniors didn’t see it, there was no one to care about the solution to the problem.

An example: early on, when we were developing our street team program, we accepted boys.  In theory that sounded great, until we realized that 1 in 10 high school boys wanted to have their senior pictures taken.  We filled our senior model program with half boys who neither valued nor even cared to participate in the experience.  This was both wasted energy, which cost us money and didn’t generate any leads for the future of our business.

Mistake #2:  Relying on social media to be the strategy.

Social media is an incredible tool.  At the time, when we were actively pursing seniors, only Facebook and Myspace existed.  Today there is Twitter, Snap Chat, Periscope, Pinterest and Instagram – all with enough strategy and muscle behind them can be used to draw attention to even the most elusive seniors.   Over the years, we put all of our eggs into the Facebook basket, until two seasons ago we started to realize that we were losing reach and that the majority of our seniors either didn’t have FB or hardly ever ventured on.   We thought this was just a Facebook issue, but the truth is, this is a social media issue.  Every senior has their top three social media platforms that they love – a combination of a mix of all of them- TRUST ME, I have asked and every time I ask I always get a mix of Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook or Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat.  Depending on the season and the senior, you get different responses and takes on what is most popular.

What I wish I had done differently is established forms of contact separate from social media – annual events, monthly newsletters catered to young people, contests and giveaways, community service activities where young people are consistently in attendance, opportunities to touch in face to face.  Social media is a wonderful tool, but I find our greatest impact comes from face time, it is where young people get a chance to interact with us and our brand and really make a connection to who we are and our experience in a real way. 

Mistake #3:  Failing to consider the parents (who have the money)

Let’s just keep in 100.  In very rare cases are our seniors actually footing the bill for senior pictures.  So as much effort as we put into marketing to and appealing cool to the senior, we need to also be considering the parent/ grandparent who might be paying for the service.   Our first couple of years was about appearing “cool” to the senior and really drawing them in, but we failed to really make a connection to what this experience felt like for the parents who were paying for and trusting us to provide an experience.  It was only after we became parents ourselves, and we took on more of a mentorship role with our street team girls that we really came to value the photographer/parent relationship, which is almost more important then the photographer/senior relationship, because that parent is the one that is actually keeping you in business.  They are also the mouthpiece that is going to sing your praises and spread your brand to their friends who are also looking for quality experience.

Mistake #4:  Collateral – doing things the way others did

We learned early on that just because so and so does it this way, doesn’t mean that it is what is good for our business.  We can get so caught up in watching other photographers carry out their business/ programs a certain way and try to copy and paste that strategy to our own business, never considering their goals, their demographic or even their vision for their business, which could be completely different from yours.

Every product, every piece of gear, every action, every ________ insert the magical unicorn that might change your business, isn’t going to change YOUR business and it is so important that you really grow comfortable with understanding your goals, your mission and your people.

Example:  Rep cards.  Rep cards seem so simple and matter of fact and necessary.  It’s a no brainer that you would order rep cards for your business because you have reps and that’s what you do, duh right??   Well, even thought we felt it didn’t fit our business model and was a waste of money, we felt the same way and spent HUNDREDS of dollars wasting time on rep cards that were never handed out, never returned back to us and found their way in the garbage can most days.

What did work for us??  T-shirts.  A cool. Hip, fashion forward t-shirt that generated conversation every time one of our reps wore it.  Something they were proud to wear, something that connected back to our brand!   Needless to say, we do not do rep cards and we make sure every single #intsenior has our brand to wear in a tangible way, whether through t-shirt, back pack, temporary tattoo, bracelet or a framed picture of our logo!  That makes more sense for our brand.

Mistake #5:  Giving them everything up front instead of the alternative

 Whether a client or a senior model- not trusting our product and giving it away for virtually free without considering the cost or our worth.

With our senior models, in the beginning, we would give everything up front – the shoot, the prints, the digital files in hopes that it would motivate them to perform for us.

For our clients, we had a session fee, and it included everything and the kitchen sink and ALL the food in the refrigerator.   Running our business this way cost us not only time and money, but our own confidence in the work we produced and the money we could make.

Once we got smart and realized we could charge more, do in person sales and offer less but still provide an incredible experience – we moved to that and haven’t looked back!

This all might seem simple to you, but it was such a mystery to us when we were getting started. 

We lacked knowledge of our client based and what was really going to make a difference in hooking them and engaging them with our business so that we could start to take senior pictures!

Over time, by applying what we learned above, we started to see results and we hope that you do too!

If you have any questions or comments about this blog, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we will be sure to reply back. 

 If you need additional resources to work with your high school seniors, please head over to the shop starting July 15th, 2016 ( We are launching a shop ya'll) and check out our many educational guides that will be available for sale!



You belong in our Inner Circle.


Missed enrollment? Have no fear! Get your name on the email list to be notified as soon as our senior business building tools and resources become available for purchase Spring 2016! 


Last week we FINALLY announced our new online year long mentoring & coaching groups- the Inner Circle & the Mastermind.

The response has blown us away.

For each kind email sent encouraging us, thank you. Truly.

If you missed the announcement last week, you can go here to read all about our Inner Circle & Mastermind groups that we released for senior photographers.  

We also have these two videos that we did on Periscope this past week talking about what all is going on with this Inner Circle & Mastermind and why we believe this is going to be the best community for you to be in this year for your business growth. 

  • We're together in all our un-scripted glory (with a cameo appearance from our daughter!) which you can go here to watch and hear why we created the Inner Circle and Mastermind community based on what we saw what was lacking in the photography industry. 


  • You can watch the second video follow up here on why the Inner Circle & Mastermind is how we are bringing together the best of community, strategy, coaching, accountability, feedback, structure and implementation. 

(Curious to hear from our Senior Reps what they think about working with us? You can watch that periscope here as well! )

If you consider yourself one of our people, then you need to get your booty in this group…..we’ve been waiting for you and we’re ready to take this relationship to the next level!

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What you will get:

  • 12 months of being a part of a highly focused and compassionate community (no off-topic chatter here making it a highly productive community!) with group mentoring from Ike & Tash for your senior photography business
  • 6 beta* versions of products with step by step we'll be releasing online that you get to try before anyone else gets to buy!  
    • March 1- Marketing Calendar for seniors
    • May 1- Marketing Calendar for senior reps
    • July 1- Easy as Pie Pricing™ for seniors (an exclusive version from the #1 pricing guide in the industry by Alicia Caine of Profit First Photography) 
    • September 1- How to find and pick your senior reps
    • November 1- Utilizing social media for your reps and attracting new clients (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & Pinterest) 
    • January 1- Client workflow from inquiry to order delivery
  • Twice monthly Q&A hours on the focused topic
  • Bonus guest teachers- Amanda Holloway, Rachel Brenke, Vickie Black and more! 

If you're in the Mastermind, you get all the above PLUS

  • 2 Additional Q&A hours per month
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  • 1 hour one-on-one mentoring session with Ike & Tash
  • 1 hour one-on-one strategy session with Alicia Caine
  • $200 discount to 2017 Blink Conference 
  • Private invitation to a retreat & shoot-out February 3-4th 2017
  • BONUS surprises along the way because we just want to get the delight factor going strong! 


Which one is best for you?

*If you’re just starting out in Senior Photography and it’s just not taking off fast enough for you or you feel completely lost on where to begin and your marketing just hasn’t been doing what you need it to…..the Inner Circle is for you.

The Inner Circle will give you a clear step by step strategy on having a powerful marketing message, method of implementation, profitable pricing for your marketplace and earning needs, AND have all of those pieces working together like a well-oiled machine.

*If you’ve been doing Senior Photography for a while and you’re ready to take your business to the next level and implement more strategy and set your brand apart in an intentional and strategic way by working with …..the Mastermind is for you.

The Mastermind will help you confidently grow your senior business by being challenged to go outside the box, invest in your community and effectively market yourself. The smaller community will also allow you to build more intimate relationships where you can all support and encourage one another with a higher level of feedback and more experience that you can learn from.

Whatever option that you choose, we can’t wait to get started working with you. 





Ike and Tash


P.S. Have a question about the groups, just email us at and we'll answer any question that you may have about the Inner Circle or Mastermind! 

Senior Photographers: Work with us for $600 for one year





For YEARS we have been begged to offer more intensive levels of mentoring and coaching. For YEARS we have longed to share our hearts with ya’ll on a deeper level.

Finally the time has come that we have been able to create something super special for you, our business soulmate.

One thing that is a huge part of our heart is community- we value it deeply. We live and breathe it- we want to model it and most importantly, we want to help YOU build your very own community within your marketplace and help you grow your own profitable business.

As much as we love teaching at conferences and offering workshops, we have discovered that there is so much more personal interaction that is needed for most.

In addition, it isn’t always easy for everyone to be able to afford to get away for a weekend and shut down their own businesses to learn how to grow their business.

We have been offering one on one consulting which you can hire us for $350 for an hour which we absolutely LOVE doing as those power hour strategy sessions serve as a great guide as they always produce results that make that $350 investment worthwhile.

But again, not the best option for every situation as not everyone’s needs can be wrapped up in a single hour and in some cases, many can’t afford to hire us for mentoring for several hours every month over the course of a year.

We get that.

We’ve been in the same place in our own business and we understand the need for access to mentors over a longer period of time and not just having open-ended mentoring but a clear path of strategy to keep moving forward where we know what’s the next step is and what’s the bigger picture that we are working towards.

We’re pretty jazzed about our solution to this need and we totally hear you and see you.


YOU are on our hearts BIG TIME.

You want details right?


Here’s how this works:

This 12 month group coaching we call The Inner Circle.

Every other month we create a product- ebook, videos, worksheets, etc. and we deliver them to you – 6 total courses over the 12 months on the topics of marketing calendars for seniors and senior reps, how to find and pick your reps, how to use social media to attract the senior crowd (including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat & Twitter- our personal favorites!), how to build community and our step by step workflow from client inquiry to order delivery. 

We’re also partnering with Alicia Caine and her #1 pricing guide in the photography industry and creating a senior version of Easy as Pie pricing!

Wait. But that’s not all! (Did anyone else just see a cheesy yellow flashing graphic??)

In addition to these products, you will also receive an exclusive and private Facebook community where Ike & I will be showing up twice a month for an intensive Q&A hour chat with everyone in the community where we can offer you all the A’s to your Q’s on that month’s projects.

We know that not everyone knows all the questions to ask and so these Q&A hours are going to be incredibly powerful to your business because someone asks a question and you’re given an answer that you didn’t even know to ask.

You also get the chance to have your problem solved working within a community of varying levels of experience who all have something amazing to offer as well as the experience of Ike & I as well. So much goodness is going to take place here.

If you’ve been a part of our communities before, you know that we gather some seriously epic souls. You’re one of them!

The 6 products we’re developing to release online, you get first access to being in the Inner Circle and they will retail for over $1K.

Because we value you and we want to serve more people like you, YOUR feedback will help us develop each of these products to best serve your needs and you get both the Inner Circle version of each course & product, but you will also receive the final version that we will be releasing to our online community as well.

We don’t want to create something that we think is great, we want to know firsthand that what we have is making a difference and we want you to be a part of that process.

Here are the topics that we will be covering 

  • Marketing Calendar for seniors - March 1
  • Marketing Calendar for senior reps- May 1
  • Easy as Pie™ pricing for seniors – July 1
  • How to find and pick your senior reps- September 1
  • Utilizing social media for your reps and attracting new clients - October 1
  • Client workflow checklist: From inquiry to delivery December 1


So that’s the Inner Circle!

We’re also offering a more intimate and private group called the Mastermind which is an even higher level of mentoring & coaching which includes two additional days per month of Q&A hours, a separate Facebook community for the higher level group to work together and relationship build and offer support and accountability.

The mastermind group still receives all that the Inner Circle does but additional goodies as well including: a $200 discount to the 2017 Blink Conference, an invitation to a private retreat & shoot-out exclusive to the Mastermind group which will be held in February 3rd & 4th 2017, a one-hour coaching call with Ike & Tash (worth $350) and a one hour coaching call with Alicia Caine of Profit First Photography.



Which one is best for you?

*If you’re just starting out in Senior Photography and it’s just not taking off fast enough for you or you feel completely lost on where to begin and your marketing just hasn’t been doing what you need it to…..the Inner Circle is for you.

The Inner Circle will give you a clear step by step strategy on having a powerful marketing message, method of implementation, profitable pricing for your marketplace and earning needs, AND have all of those pieces working together like a well-oiled machine.

*If you’ve been doing Senior Photography for a while and you’re ready to take your business to the next level and implement more strategy and set your brand apart in an intentional and strategic way by working with …..the Mastermind is for you.

The Mastermind will help you confidently grow your senior business by being challenged to go outside the box, invest in your community and effectively market yourself. The smaller community will also allow you to build more intimate relationships where you can all support and encourage one another with a higher level of feedback and more experience that you can learn from.

Whatever option that you choose, we can’t wait to get started working with you.

The Inner Circle and Mastermind startED March 1st! If you missed enrollment, get your name on our email list to be notified when we'll be releasing the Senior business building courses and tools Spring 2016! 


Ike and Tash
P.S. Have a question about the groups, just email us at and we’ll make sure that we answer your question ASAP!

Calling All Senior Photographers ready for a Change??!

Are you feeling like you want to do more? 

Do you know there is so much more to your business then just taking pretty pictures?!

I can't tell you how much I empathize with you!

When we first started our photography business, I knew that seniors were were we wanted to be, but struggled so much with finding them.  Once we found them, and had them, didn't have a clue on how to connect with and keep them engaged. 

I think we can all agree that the teenagers we serve live a life that varies from the one we did growing up.  Technology and social media has reigned supreme and in some way taken the place of community, connection and developing deep relationships that are real and meaningful.

When young people live life through social media they develop false reality of life, comparing themselves to people and situations that aren’t always real, have shallow relationships with their peers, could possibly lack supportive relationships with caring adults outside of the home and really be desperate for true connection.

As senior photographers, we are constantly in front of high school seniors providing a service, but what if we could engage them outside of just the pictures?

What if the community we build with our seniors became the built in peer group our seniors needed? 

Imagine if you could create a "space" for your young people to find support, encouragement from their peers, to give back to their communities and be pushed to the next level by another set of caring adults who partner with their parents to love, care and support them?

Ike and I are inviting you to join us on a journey of turning your senior business into a mission minded and focused business that serves young people intentionally while building your brand, your client base and creating longevity, loyalty and commitment.

Next week, on Monday the 15th, we'll be sending you more details about this opportunity to work with us for an entire year building your senior photography business!

If you aren't on our email list and want to be one of the first to know- add your email here! 

We have been seeing the hearts of photographers first hand who want to sell more than just pretty pictures and be treated as a commodity and we're ready to teach intensively exactly step by step how you can create a business that makes a lasting impact while building profitability.


Most importantly, we want to help you build a business that makes massive impacts in the lives of those that are drawn to your brand.  

When young people love you, they love everything you stand for and not only become extensions of your brand, but disciples of it.

You know the why, we're going to bring the HOW.

See you in your inboxes next Monday!


Ike and Tash


Here’s what a few of our seniors have to say about working with us:

“I love being surrounded by girls who have similar goals/ intentions as me. Ive felt welcomed here since day one, that’s why I continue to come back.” – Polly,  Class of 2017 Applicant who didn’t make the street team on Sunday Dinners

“I have never felt so comfortable in a home that wasn’t mine.”- Unknown

“Ike and Tash is one of the best things to ever happen to me.  The amount of love I feel is unreal.  These girls have become my family and I love them with all of my heart.  I’m so excited for next year, carpooling down from college to come hang with my street team family.” – Payton, Class of 2016 Street Team Member

“Feeling wanted and welcomed even if I didn’t make it on the street team is why I still continue to come around”- Class of 2017 Applicant

“Street Team has been the highlight of my senior year.   It is an amazing feeling to know that I have a group of people who love and support me so much.  Ike and Tash are not my photographers, they are my family and I am so extremely grateful to have gotten to know sixteen amazing girls because of them.”- Class of 2016 Street Team Member

WPPI Senior Shoot Out, Las Vegas, NV

Are you a senior photographer? Are you going to WPPI 2016? Wanna come hang with me and my crew?

Join Christina RamirezTrue Moua of True Moua Photography and Spanki Gring Mills of Spanki Mills Photography for a senior shoot out at the incredible Nelson Ghost Town on Sunday, March 6th.

If you have difficulties with posing, natural light and composition, this would be great for you!

The best part is we will have SMALL groups with instruction from the 4 of us guiding you through it all with multiple beautiful senior models.

This is also an amazing location to have photos from in your portfolio, no seriously, it's freakin' AMAZING (broken down trucks, cars, and buses, barns, a piano in the middle of the desert, a plane crash site, and more! Check out their photos here: Nelson Ghost Town).

We will be shooting from 1-5pm and having a classroom setting from 5-6 for you to ask us ANYTHING! Transportation from the Las Vegas strip will be provided. smile emoticon

Please tell all of your friends, we would love for you to join us!

Click on the link below for pricing info and to sign up!

Tag your friends and spread the word!! heart emoticon

TURN IT UP Conference - FREE Online Conference Event

Finally a conference you can go to in your PAJAMAS (without spending one penny)!! Are you ready to increase your bookings and profits for 2016??

Register FREE at -

The TURN IT UP online conference is coming to YOU! It is all online and it is FREE!! Wedding & Portrait Photographers - Get Excited!!

SHARE this post with the hashtag #turnitup2016 and#theacademytoday for your chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes!

What a great lineup of speakers: Dane Sanders,Zach & Jody PhotographyIke and Tash Photography and MotionJustin & MaryKevin Kubota PhotographerAlycia White Photography,Katelyn James PhotographyAmy & Jordan PhotographyTwo Mann StudiosCole's Classroom,Kenny Kim PhotographyMontana Dennis

 — withAmy DemosKevin KubotaJordan Demos

The Value of Community with Ike and Tash {ShootProof Podcast}

Back in September, we were surprised with a trip to Atlanta by one of our favorite companies in the whole world ShootProof, to participate in a few fun interviews, photo shoots and gathering. While there, ShootProof graciously allowed us their platform to talk about how we feel about the industry and community. 

Candid and honest thoughts are expressed over on the ShootProof podcast and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have open dialogue!

If you want a fresh perspective - go check it out and leave feedback and let us know what you think! 

You can listen to and subscribe to the ShootProof Podcast by clicking here: